Cynthia Cherish Malaran, aka Rev. DJ CherishTheLuv, conceived, born and raised in the East Village, NYC, is a Creative Jane-of-all-Trades. As a visual artist/designer/photographer/screenprinter, she has worked for major advertising and publishing companies around the world. As a professional DJ, she DJs to many, from celebrities to the elderly, and brings music to hospice patients, in essence, DJing to the dying, getting stroke patients and 90+ year olds to dance. (continued) (continued) As a newly ordained minister, Cynthia is beginning her branch of Celebrancy Work; from weddings, to baby naming ceremonies, blessings, healings and more. As an AADP certified Holistic Health Coach, a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she coaches people on creative expression, self-healing, and confidence mindsets, which has resulted in her recently becoming a speaker coach for Ted talk presenters, from ages teen to adult.

In 2012, Cynthia opened her own publishing company, Healing House Publishing, which launched the Beautiful Without Makeup movement and sparked the “Cynthia Cherish Creative Scholarship” fund, which has to date, awarded seven scholarships, to folks leading heartfelt creative endeavours.

Currently navigating life as the “Stronger Than Cancer” and “Music Heals” woman, with a brain tumor, aggressive breast cancer and a double mastectomy, Cynthia teaches as she learns along the way, inspiring thousands and counting. Currently creating a fashion line for mastectomy-with-no-reconstruction patients, called COMPLETE, Cynthia Cherish Malaran’s book, The Cancer Diaries, is due out in 2016.