Jack Inslee, Blake Hartwick and Chris Coleman preview the upcoming Battle of the Chicken Biscuits.

Join Heritage Radio Network and friends for the Battle of the Chicken Biscuits at Root & Bone on Friday, April 15th from 4-7pm.

Root & Bone’s home team Chefs Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth will face-off against a team straight from the Carolina’s: Chef Chris Coleman (The Asbury), Chef Blake Hartwick (Bonterra Dining & Wine Room), Chef Paul Verica (Heritage food & drink), Chef Ashley Boyd (300 East, Heritage Food and Drink) and mixologist Bob Peters (The Punch Room at The Ritz Carlton).

Admission is free, biscuits are $5 apiece and beverages are available for purchase. All biscuit proceeds to go benefit Heritage Radio Network.



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