Snacky Tunes is nominated for the 8th annual Taste Awards for Best Radio Show & Best Podcast. Voting is open through Dec 20th, so please head over to Taste Awards to place your vote.

Every Sunday, Snacky Tunes co-hosts Darin and Greg Bresnitz–brothers since birth, dance music DJ partners, dim sum lovers and whiskey aficionados–explore and celebrate the cultural convergence of music and food. Tune in as they stir up conversation with the world’s top gastronomic talents, while also plugging in the amps for the best of this generation’s up-and-coming musicians.


Psyche At Mikuni @mikuniwildpea • Apr 19, 2017
RT @gustiamo: Calling all bread nerds. Something to look forward to in the fall! #HERITAGERADIO @harlanturk #goodbr…