Heritage Radio Network is excited to be a media partner for the 2016 Charleston Wine + Food Festival. We will be broadcasting live from the Culinary Village at The Hub on Friday, March 4th and Saturday, March 5th. Panels will feature leading voices in Lowcountry cuisine, including chefs, farmers, bartenders, food authors and more!

See below for Friday’s schedule of Heritage Radio Network programming at the festival:

(See Saturday’s schedule here)



Bitch Don’t Quail My Vibe

Friday 11:30-12:00

Brittney Miller (Manchester Farms)

Have a quail of a time with Brittney Miller of Manchester Farms in Columbia, South Carolina!  Owner of her family quail farm, Brittney has a lot to say about this old school bird and her passion for bringing farrow quail to more dinner tables as an easy and healthy protein that many chefs have long embraced. Spread out over 380 acres, Manchester Farms produces 80,000 quail per week that are growth-promotant and hormone-free, following the same husbandry practices that Brittney’s father practiced in the 1970s.  Learn what it takes to live a day in the life of a quail farmer.



Food Hero Q & A

Friday 12:00-2:00pm

Ask your questions on social media! (make sure to tell us who your question is for)

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With Heritage Radio Network, the world’s pioneer food radio station, you’re never more than a couple of degrees away from the nation’s top culinary talent. So come by the HRN booth to and get on the mic to record your burning questions for your Charleston Wine + Food Festival food heroes! We’ll track them down so you can tune in for their answers on the record.



Wasted: Drinking Stories and Trash Talk

Friday 2:00-3:00 PM

with Robert Newton (Nightingale 9, Wilma Jean), Robert Stehling (Hominy Grill), Dave Belanger (Clammer Dave) and Joey Ryan (Xiao Bao Biscuit)

We’ve all been there: that moment where our best judgement was obscured by a drink or two (or maybe more…). We bring you a panel of notable food and culture personalities to discuss stories that all start with “That one time I was wasted….” But you know what else is actually messy and always problematic? Food waste. So we’ll turn the tables with our three panelists to talk about the sobering realities of food waste, and what it takes to make a more sustainable food system.



Southern Dranks Cocktail Session

Friday 4:00-5:00 PM

with Kyle DeGolyer (Poogan’s Porch) and Ryan Welliver (The Cocktail Club)

When we hear “Charleston” we think of a city that knows how to drink. So Heritage Radio Network couldn’t help wanting for you to show us the proof. We’re assembling some of Charleston’s top bar talent to help put a South Carolina spin on some of our New York cocktail classics. Think: a decidedly different take on Manhattans, New York Sours and more. Sample their creations and help us crown a new Charleston classic cocktail.