Modernist Cuisine founder and book series coauthor Nathan Myhrvold sits down with Heritage Radio Network’s Michael Harlan Turkell for a discussion about his new 2,642 page book Modernist Bread and why it’s time to rethink bread from the ground up.

Nathan Myhrvold and Michael Harlan Turkell kick off Modernist BreadCrumbs, their new podcast series on Heritage Radio Network, with a special conversation about the future of bread. Myhrvold will share insights from his new 5-volume book Modernist Bread (on-sale Nov 7), the inspiration behind the podcast, as well as what the Modernist Cuisine team learned over four years of nonstop research, photography, experiments, writing and baking. From its surprising history to the complex science behind every loaf, this discussion will reveal why we need to take a fresh look at one of the oldest staples of the human diet.

A production by 92YMOFAD and Heritage Radio Network.