The Food Book Fair presents Gay Food 101, a Food Book Party!

Win a pair of tickets to Gay Food 101, plus Jarry and Mouthfeel!

Gay Food 101 explores the intersection of gay culture and food culture, in restaurants, aesthetics and food media. Is there a gay sensibility in food? How have queer culinary tastemakers changed what we eat and drink, from James Beard to Craig Claiborne to Big Gay Ice Cream? Why is it important to think about gender and sexuality when it comes to food (or the food service industry)? And what makes food gay anyway?

The event centers on a moderated conversation between diverse voices in the community, featuring two new magazines that celebrate the queer aspects of food culture, Mouthfeel and Jarry, plus writer John Birdsall and Put A Egg On It editor Sarah Keough. AND: Delicious food and drink available for sale at Berg’n — one free beer included with every ticket — and a curated selection of books by Greenlight Bookstore.

Heritage Radio Network will be onsite to record this event. We look forward to sharing it at in the future!


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