More than 20% of New York’s land is used for farming – that’s over 7 million acres. The recently introduced program, New York Grown & Certified, is helping the state’s agriculture industry grow and thrive even more. Learn more here, and listen to these HRN episodes about New York farmers to see how agriculture in NY encompasses the city, the country, and much more!




Stan Santos @ProfssnalHobbit • Dec 8, 2017
A strength of our country is our diversity despite what others may think. #foodculture #immigration #baking… https://t.co/XENIXrOrtl
EliMaxSussman @TheSussmans • Dec 1, 2017
Come to join us and so many other amazing chefs on MON for the @Heritage_Radio WINTER IN THE GARDEN event! tons of… https://t.co/QV0rgftZY2