Tune in for a recap of the 1st annual Lower East Cider Festival!

This annual festival—free and open to the public—showcased participating cider makers and apple growers from the Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley, Long Island and NYC who poured samples along­side restaurants like Huertas NYC, Northern Spy Food Co., Back Forty West and more serving cider-­friendly dishes like Basque sausage, oysters and grilled cheese to highlight the pairing qualities of cider.

In addition, the festival featured a community cider press with rare and unique cider apples provided by Steve Wood, legendary grower and cidermaker of Farnum Hill Cider who has been growing cider apples for over 30 years. Jahil Maplestone of Descendant Cider Co., NYC’s first licensed urban cidery, was grinding and pressing the apples into juice for a lucky few who have pre­-purchased a gallon to take home and ferment. Brooklyn homebrew shop, Bitter & Esters provided everything else budding cidermakers will need to make cider, including a copy of April White and Steve Wood’s Apples to Cider: How to Make Cider at Home.


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