IMG_2840Pictured: Bread sculpture greets symposium speakers and guests. 

General Info:
HRN on Tour went to Charlotte, North Carolina to attend, “On The Rise: The Future of Bread”–an international symposium on bread, held at Johnson & Wales Univershart. The two-day event featured discussions curated by award-winning author and baker, Peter Reinhart. Listen here for symposium talks presented by some of the most innovative leaders in the bread industry.

Day 1:  The talk opens with Stefan Cappelle, a bio-engineer researching the fermentation processes found in traditional bread making. He discusses how the bread industry is, excitingly, shifting away from artificial baker’s yeast, instead revisiting traditional starters based on the symbiosis between lactic acid bacteria and wild type yeast. Next, food historian William Rubel presents a comprehensive history of bread consumption, starting from the Paleolithic era to the present. Wolfgang Mock then discusses the nutritional, environmental, and economic benefits of local grains, and the influence that home milling can have on the entire bread making industry. Francisco J. Migoya shares fascinating discoveries about the science and history of bread, gathered while researching for his book, Modernist Bread. Lastly, Michael Kalanty explains how to describe the flavor of bread. He stresses the importance of creating an effective vocabulary for facilitating communication between bakers and consumers in driving product development.

Monday, May 22

7:30-8:30 AM Registration & Breakfast (Stoke)

9:00 AM Opening Remarks

9:15 AM Stefan Cappele, The Future of Bread Lies in its Past

10:00 AM William Rubel, Bread: A Short History that Separates the Wheat from the      Chaff

10:45-11:30AM Break, with Chef Shai Fargione demo on the Big Green Egg

11:45 AM Wolfgang Mock, Home Milling–the Future for Local Grains, Millers, and Producers

12:30 PM Lunch (Black Hartwick, Bonterra)

2:00 PM Francisco Migoya, Insights from Modernist Bread–Shaping the Future of Bread through Science

2:45 PM Michael Kalanty, Savoring the Flavors of Bread

3:30 PM Q&A Panel

4:00-5:30 PM Social with Beer & Bread Tasting, featuring the Puratos Sensobus


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