Anthony Butler Executive Director of St. John’s Bread and Life joins Harry to talk about feeding the underserved of NY. People need to eat 365 days a year, and Tony and his team are there to help. More than just a handout, Bread and Life teaches people to cook, how to shop, helps them learn to read, do their taxes and a whole lot more. They’re addressing many issues that are all interconnected and doing amazing things in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. Stay tuned for a talk about the papal visit to NY as well. ¬†This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Brooklyn.


“We’re really changing, at least in our own little local world, the diet of folks – exposing them to new food.” [10:54]

“We have a digital food pantry because I wanted to give people choice, and I also wanted to understand how people are using food because I have an obligation to be a good steward of the funds and resources that are given to Bread and Life.”¬†[12:53]

–Anthony Butler on Feast Yr Ears