This week on Eating Disorder, hosts Crazy Legs Conti, Chef Paul Gerard, and The Rev Spyro are keeping it in house this episode and start off catching up on their Thanksgivings. After a whirlwind of off the cuff discussion, the guys decide that instead of a proper guest they put random topics of conversation in a hat and draw to round out their first segment. Talking family disfunction plus Katy Perry, after the break the guys comment on selected cookbooks (including cookbooks from Game of Thrones and Star Wars!) and upcoming food trends noted for 2015. Tune in for a hilarious conversation with the guys! This program was brought to you by Roberta’s Pizza.


“Bounty hunters, their refrigerators are terrible, looks like a chef’s!” [38:23]

Chef Paul Gerard on Eating Disorder

“I want to do Krampus Con!” [41:25]

The Rev Spyro on Eating Disorder