This week on Eating Disorder, solo host Crazy Legs Conti is going rogue and welcomes James Splendore and Mike Sullivan of the podcast “Fink Beats The Stomach” featured on the Heavy Hitter Network. Talking competitive eating with the guys who are big fans of the sport, Crazy Legs breaks down strategy and recalls tales of epic eating competitions such as the infamous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest held over July 4th which he recently qualified for! Mike and James go on to share how they met and developed the podcast along with their search for the perfect show name. After the break, the guys talk more competitive eating shop and preview what’s on the horizon as the season heats up. Tune in for a classic podcast cross-over episode! This program was brought to you by Roberta’s.

“We were trying to be the voice of the voiceless! There are people who have done competitive eating podcasts in the past… I just said you know what there really needs to be a platform for competitive eaters!”

Mike Sullivan on Eating Disorder