This week on Food Talk, Mike Colameco brings in two female pastry chefs. First is Allison Robicelli, owner of Robicelli’s. The two discuss some ridiculous trends that are popping up in food culture. Then, Allison tells us about her struggles with keeping her cupcake shop afloat throughout a struggling economy. After the break, we’re joined by Heather Bertinetti, who tells us about her experiences working as a chef at restaurants throughout the city. This program has been sponsored by Cento, Colavita, King Arthur Flour. Music provided by Brothers NYC.

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“It’s up to us to preserve our culture and our heritage.” [22:55]

“Cake is something that makes you feel better. It’s the prozac of food.” [28:30]

Allison Robicelli on Food Talk with Mike Colameco

“We really stick together as pastry women.” [41:00]

“You have to have your staff on your side, that’s the most important thing.” [44:30]

Heather Bertinetti on Food Talk with Mike Colameco