Welcome to Foodstarter – a show highlighting the best food projects on Kickstarter. Hosted by Matt Stillman, the program will explore the ideas behind the projects. Discover Gleaner’s Kitchen, an “underground restaurant and grocery store” in Somerville, Mass. The Gleaners Kitchen features a menu will be determined by whatever discarded produce, herbs, meat, fish, and other ingredients Maximus and other volunteers find in dumpsters. Somehow, the food will be served for free! This is a radical model – and though the Kickstarter has already been funded – learn more about the project and donate here.

“There’s a variety of dumpsters – all dumpsters are not created equal!” [2:45]

“Im trying to change food culture into something much more social and family driven.” [04:15]

–Maximus Thaler of Gleaner’s Kitchen on HeritageRadioNetwork.org