Meet Chef Gregg Drusinsky, a recent contestant on a popular reality cooking show and chef of the ABODE pop-up restaurant in NYC. Hear his culinary journey which started in his hometown of Cleveland, brought him to the International Culinary Cetner, and landed him a job at Le Bernadin in NYC. Hear about the experience of cooking on a reality TV show, find out what iwa s like working chef Eric Ripert, meeting Anthony Bourdain, and being nationally recognized after a TV appearance. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market

“It doesn’t matter what they do on the show – they have an idea of how they want you to look or be portrayed.” [16:00]

“Anthony Bourdain embodies what he talks about. He’s not just some guy who goes on TV and acts like a different person. He’s a consistently awesome and amazing food guy.” [19:00]

–Gregg Drusinsky on