Working dogs are the unsung heroes for numerous livestock farmers, ranchers, pastoralists and herders globally. Loyal, smart, brave and tireless these animals are indispensible. Joining host John Wilkes are Marvin Dunster USA and Aled Owen UK – renowned authorities in the fields of livestock guarding and shepherding with dogs.

Marvin Dunster of 5R Stock Dogs, Billings, Montana is the go to for reliable flock guarding dogs. It’s literally a war zone for many American livestock producers under siege from predators. Here in the States these dogs are increasingly becoming the first line of defence. Marvin’s dogs are in demand across the country confronting, outsmarting and neutralising the threat of big nature to domestic livestock. 5/R Stock Dogs.

Aled Owen is Double World and current International Sheep Dog Society Supreme Champion; he’s never happier than talking shepherding, sheep and border collies. Generations of Aled’s family have farmed sheep in the Welsh Mountains near Corwen. It’s tough land with tough sheep and needs tough dogs to herd them. It’s here Aled breeds, trains and works some of the finest border collies in the world.

roy-600 Booney on guard