We’re gearing up for the 2013 Just Food Conference with a series of special interviews, and what better way to start than with Just Food Executive Director Jackie Berger? Tune in for an introduction to Just Food and learn about their mission to connect communities and local farms with the resources and support they need to make fresh, locally grown food accessible to all New Yorkers. Hear about the origins of the Just Food Conference and find out what plans are in store for this years event. For more information and to buy tickets – click here! This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.

“The movement and the demand for this kind of programming is on the rise constantly as more and more people think about what they eat and how to eat better food.” [3:00]

“Whatever you ate growing up, if you think about those meals, you identify with those foods. Some cultures are really known for their food, but every one of us has [our own] food culture. That’s something we hold dear and we’re very protective of. If you tell somebody they have to eat local to become a part of this food movement, you might be taking something away from them.” [12:00]

–Jacquie Berger, Executive Director of Just Food