On today’s episode of No Chefs Allowed, Megan and Tricia talk with retro-blogger Dr. Bobb. Dr. Bobb has a passion for recipes of old: those including gelatin to be exact. Dr. Bobb makes one new dish and one old dish a week, and gets his Dr. Husband to try it. Dr. Husband tries to guess what is in the dish, and then rate it. One ‘Screaming Husband’ is ‘good’, five ‘Screaming Husbands’ is grounds for divorce. All of their tastings and scores are recorded for your enjoyment! We take on some of his more memorable dishes this week on the show. Imagine Megan’s dish: ‘Ring around the Tuna’ – lime Jell-O and a can of tuna set the scene! Needless to say, the voting did not go well at her dinner table! Add ‘Screaming Kids’ to the equation! Follow Dr. Bobb here! Thanks to our sponsor, S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.