Thinking of coming to the 2013 No Farms No Food Rally? Get inspired as David Haight, New York State Director of American Farmland Trust, explains their top three priorities for the year so you can be prepared to speak with legislators during the rally. Find out how farmland is protected and attacked in this state and learn how the Governor is doing his part to make sure farmers keep their land. Learn how AFT is encouraging state agencies to buy food grown in New York, not only to help farmers but to improve the quality of food served in institutions. Hear some ideas to aid new generations of farmers in securing their land against real estate and commercial development. If you are heading to the state capital on March 13th, check out this segment, and learn about the issues that the 2013 No Farms No Food Rally advocates for – learn more and sign up here! This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

Tune in to part one of our podcast series for an overview of the No Farms No Food rally and part three for advocacy tips.

“New York is a farm state, but we’ve been losing a lot of our farms to development. We’ve lost about 4500 farms to real estate development. One of the ways we help combat that is with funding from our states farmland protection program. That program helps pay farmers to permanently protect the land so it will always be available for agriculture.” [2:00]

“Millions of New Yorkers are fed by different institutions. We see this as another area of opportunity both to feed people good food and create good economic opportunities for farmers.” [09:00]

–David Haight, Director for American Farmland Trust