Switchel is an American Heritage Beverage created by Farmers seeking to quench thirst in the hot summer sun. Working hard on the land took a toll on their bodies, put dirt in their mouths, and debris from haying in their throats. Switchel was the revitalizer, and the apple cider vinegar, ginger, and touch of sweet Vermont maple syrup, cut through it all and soothed! After a long days work, its not uncommon to mix a little whiskey or rum, home brew or moonshine with Switchel, and imbibe while the sun goes down. 200 years later, after researching the recipes of generations before us, and consulting local doctors, Switchel LLC revives the recipe in our gramma’s big red barn. They’ve shared their hard work with Vermont artisans, athletes, farmers and musicians alike. Tune in to learn more about what makes their drink so special, how they source ginger and how they started this project. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.