Welcome to the debut episode of Taste Talks! Picking up where Northside Media’s annual festival left off, Taste Talks brings innovators from various fields — including music, art, film, design and tech — together with luminaries from the food and restaurant world, to talk about what’s new and what’s next, and expound on any and all topics related to taste. Join host Sarah Zorn as she kicks off each episode with a rundown of the week’s breaking, national food news, chats with game-changing tastemakers and disruptors leading the way in their respective industries, and finally, concludes with a series of restaurant recommendations, that correspond to the topic of the day! On the debut, Sarah is joined by Tyson Ho of Arrogant Swine and Matt Bruck of Joios.

“Texas is the size of France. Texas BBQ came to NYC and was supposed to represent Texas — it doesn’t.” [03:30]

“Tex-Mex to me is chili con carne, and that doesn’t exist in Mexico. The core of Texas chile is cumin – which has no place in Mexican food.” [4:00]

–Tyson Ho on Taste Talks