HeritageRadioNetwork.org is getting ready for the Tasting Table’s 2013 Lobster Roll Rumble by speaking with a few of the chef contestants. On this program, Leah Eden speaks with Luke Holden, owner of Luke’s Lobster. Learn about Luke’s early life on the water as a lobsterman in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, the skiff he built in high school woodworking class and the Maine lobstering community. As a two time winner of the Lobster Roll Rumble, Luke is ready to return with his traditional lobster roll and reclaim his crown!

HeritageRadioNetwork.org will be covering the Tasting Table’s 2013 Lobster Roll Rumble on June 6th! Join us for a chance to vote on your favorite lobster roll. Tickets are now on sale, click here for tickets.

“If it wasn’t for the forceful hand of my parents I’d probably be on a boat somewhere.”

“It’s all about being on the water for me. I love the ocean and the commercial fishing atmosphere.”

“[The Lobster Roll Rumble] is wildly exciting – you walk in and it’s an emotional rush.”

–Luke Holden of Luke’s Lobster on HeritageRadioNetwork.org