HeritageRadioNetwork.org is getting ready for the Tasting Table’s 2013
Lobster Roll Rumble by speaking with a few of the chef contestants. On
this program, Leah Eden speaks with Sabin Lomac and Jim Tselikis of
Cousin’s Fresh Maine Lobster in LA, one of the contestants at this
summer’s Lobster Roll Rumble. Learn about the cousins’ childhood in
Maine and how they brought lobster to the west coast. Find out what
lobster ice cream tastes like. Sabin and Jim talk about their
relationship with local lobster fisherman and the impact on Maine’s
lobster industry. These competitive cousins are excited to participate
in the Lobster Roll Rumble for the first time and they are planning to
bring home the gold!

HeritageRadioNetwork.org will be covering the Tasting Table’s 2013
Lobster Roll Rumble on June 6th! Join us for a chance to vote on your
favorite lobster roll.