Food Truck Revolution? Tell Me More! Food trucks are sweeping the nation. Popular in major cities on both coasts, they’re now earning street cred across the country. A recent report by Intuit predicts that food truck revenue is expected to rise to $2.7 billion annually by 2017. Todays food tucks offer gourmet foods that tap into local trends and exotic flavors. They offer consumers an opportunity to taste a diverse array of ethnic foods and seasonal ingredients without having to travel far or break the bank. The dizzying array of foods available in areas where food trucks congregate make these locations popular destinations for people interested in trying new things on a daily basis. Food trucks offer financial savings for culinary entrepreneurs looking to start a business but are not yet ready to commit to opening brick & mortar restaurant. This program was sponsored by Rolling Press

“Food trucks have become the new gateway to opening up a’s unrealistic for a person graduating culinary school to spend $500,000-1,000,000 on a brick and mortar restaurant. They can get into one of these food trucks for under $100,000 and get their business up and going.” [01:00]

–Deepak Devaraj of Feeding Innovation on Tell Me More!