EPISODE 13 | January 31, 2017

Women Who Farm

In this episode of ORIGINS, we’ll take a closer look at women who have chosen farming as a career and…

EPISODE 12 | January 2, 2017

So…Was It the Chicken or the Egg?

The 12th program in the ORIGINS speaker series features a conversation with 3 local chicken farmers from Maryland and southern Pennsylvania….

EPISODE 11 | July 31, 2016

The Local Pantry: Oil, Vinegar, and Salt

The 11th program in the ORIGINS series is about locally made items for your pantry – salt, vinegar and cooking…


The South You Never Ate: Virginia’s Eastern Shore

The 10th program in the ORIGINS series features a conversation with Bernie Herman, the department chair and George B. Tindall Professor…

EPISODE 9 | May 23, 2016

Sustainable Seafood in the Chesapeake Watershed

The 9th program in the ORIGINS series is about sustainable seafood.  With the Chesapeake Bay at our doorstep, it is important…


Baking & Local Grains

The 8th program in the ORIGINS series is about sourcing and baking with local whole grains. We are pleased to welcome…

EPISODE 7 | January 8, 2016

A Conversation with Dr. William Woys Weave

A conversation with Dr. William Woys Weaver, an international food historian, author, teacher, gardener, and epicure.  Dr. Weaver is the founder…


The Importance of Bees, Honey and Pollinators

Discussion about pollinators and honeybees and their critical role in our food production. Panelists include Dr. Dennis van Englesdorp, Assistant…


Maryland Cheese – Cow, Sheep & Goat

Local Cheese: Discussion about local Maryland cheese featuring 3 artisanal cheesemakers representing 3 different animal sources — cow, sheep and…

EPISODE 4 | June 1, 2015

Drink Local

Local Beer and Wine: Discussion about the rise of the Maryland wine and beer industry. Speakers include the Director of…


Farmer to Butcher to Consumer

Discussion about the economics of producing high quality pork and beef on local farms. Speakers include a butcher, a processor,…


Maryland Produce

Local Produce: Discussion about local produce and how the Baltimore City School System is incorporating produce into their lunch programs….


Oysters and Aquaculture

Oysters: Discussion about oysters, aquaculture and an overview of the industry in the region. Speakers include an award-winning Chesapeake Bay…