EPISODE 109 | August 10, 2017

Restaurant Recommendation Apps: Etch and Tell

Where should we go for dinner tonight? Can be a challenging question to answer, especially in New York City where…

EPISODE 108 | August 3, 2017

What’s Your Favorite App?

What’s your favorite app right now? Is the first question for guests at the start of each Tech Bites episode….

EPISODE 107 | July 27, 2017

The Restaurant is the NewTech R&D Lab

How do you build the best restaurant tech? If you’re Caviar at Square you use the real-life San Francisco restaurant…

EPISODE 106 | July 20, 2017

Agrilyst: The Virtual Agronomist

You are affected by agronomy everyday. Really. Anything that is grown – food, textile crops, and green public spaces –…

EPISODE 105 | July 13, 2017

Danielle Gould + Mike Lee

What does the grocery store of 2065 look like? What are the hot topics at start-up conferences around the world?…

EPISODE 104 | July 6, 2017

Read the Fine Print: Instagram Terms of Use

Personal data as a commodity to be bought and sold is a big headline these days. If you use apps,…

EPISODE 103 | June 29, 2017

The B-Side: Fighting Foodies 2

Tune in to the second episode of The B-Side where we talk with some of our favorite fighters about how…

EPISODE 102 | June 22, 2017

FoodBytes! 2017

FoodBytes! Solving the world’s food crisis one pitch at a time. Rabobank is leading the charge in trying to solve…

EPISODE 101 | June 15, 2017

Vive Le Food Tech!

Bonjour les admirateurs de Tech Bites to our first bi-lingual show, the first part in English with a French second…

EPISODE 100 | June 8, 2017

Guest Host Kerry Diamond Interviews Jennifer Leuzzi

It’s episode 100 of Tech Bites! To celebrate we’ve invited special guest host Kerry Diamond of Radio Cherry Bombe to…

EPISODE 99 | June 1, 2017

Women in Food Tech CEOs

Women in tech are making headlines everyday on everything from innovation to publishing and profit. On this episode we talk…

EPISODE 98 | May 25, 2017

2017 NYC Big Apps

The winners of the 8th annual NYC Big Apps competition were announced this week. The civic tech competition had 150…

EPISODE 97 | May 18, 2017

Jitjatjo: The APP for Restaurant Staff

Are you a cook or FOH staff looking for a job, but tired of all the job boards with hundreds…

EPISODE 96 | May 11, 2017

Nine Ways Super Successful People Get Stuff Done

Every episode of Tech Bites ends with a question. We ask guests for an actionable piece of advice we can…

EPISODE 95 | April 20, 2017

Protect Your IP on Social Media

Get legal advice for the digital age. How do chefs, food companies and people protect their intellectual property and use…

EPISODE 94 | April 13, 2017

Free Tax Advice with ChouxBox

Who doesn’t want some free advice on taxes and getting your business receipts in order? In-studio guests ChouxBox founders Tony…

EPISODE 93 | April 6, 2017

Easy Steps to Online Security

If you’re increasingly concerned about your online privacy, tune in to this episode for some easy ways to protect yourself…

EPISODE 92 | March 30, 2017

Food Biz Bootcamp

Calling food start-ups and entrepreneurs. If you’ve got a great product but don’t know how to turn it into a…

EPISODE 91 | March 23, 2017

Unplug for a Spring Re-Set and Digital Detox

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your closet, it’s for your tech life and your personal headspace. Every year, we feature…

EPISODE 90 | March 9, 2017

The Underground Culinary Tour by Damian Mogavero

How do software and data make your dinner better? Sixteen years ago, entrepreneur Damian Mogavero brought together an unlikely mix…

EPISODE 89 | March 2, 2017

Impossible Burger World Domination

Have you had the juicy meaty burger made without any meat? Impossible? No. The all-natural, plant-based Impossible Burger is real…

EPISODE 88 | February 23, 2017

What’s The Story? A Podcast for the Post-Truth Era

In this episode, we bring Tech Bites engineer David Tatasciore out of the control room and into the studio to talk…

EPISODE 87 | February 16, 2017

Get Mentored! PieShell Crowdfunding & Hall PR

On Get Mentored! We help food tech start-up PieShell get their marketing and PR game on point. PieShell focuses on…

EPISODE 86 | February 2, 2017

Food Delivery Tech: The Just Salad Command Center

Would you like a side of data with your salad? How do restaurants grow their delivery revenue and get a…

EPISODE 85 | January 26, 2017

Women in Media: Healthyish Editor Amanda Shapiro

We all want to make our food lives a little bit better right? More environmentally and economically friendly, tastier and…

EPISODE 84 | January 19, 2017

Women in Tech: EatLove & Bitten

What’s for dinner? Do you want someone to help you answer that question with menus, recipes and shopping lists? On…

EPISODE 83 | January 12, 2017

The Revenge of Analog by David Sax

Would you believe me if I told you Silicon Valley techies love paper? Look around any design office or tech…

EPISODE 82 | December 15, 2016

2017 Trend Forecast with Kate Krader

What’s the top food trend coming in 2017? We all want to know. Tune in to Episode 82 of Tech…

EPISODE 81 | December 8, 2016

Food Tech Stories of 2016

What were the big food tech stories of 2016? Find out what recipes and stories got the most clicks at…

EPISODE 80 | December 1, 2016


Adam Platt, restaurant critic for New York Magazine, joins us in this episode to talk about how the internet has…

EPISODE 79 | November 10, 2016


The home meal-kit delivery market in the US has grown to 1.5 billion dollars a year. The current category leader…

EPISODE 78 | November 3, 2016


Start-up company Spacious transforms empty restaurants into subscription-based co-working and meeting spaces, for the new digitally empowered, indy workforce. On…

EPISODE 77 | October 27, 2016


Laurie Woolever returns to Tech Bites to talk about Appetites: A Cookbook, she co-authored with Anthony Bourdain. A lot has…

EPISODE 76 | October 20, 2016

Get mentored! International Foods Online

People have a taste for discovering new foods, whether via a chef’s Instagram feed, a trip to a foreign land,…

EPISODE 75 | October 13, 2016


Oh snap! It’s Snapchat boot camp to help you get your snaps, chats and stories on point. We’ll walk-through setting-up…

EPISODE 74 | October 6, 2016


Let’s be honest about how we use our technology. While it’s super philanthropic and savvy to say food tech is…

EPISODE 73 | September 29, 2016


A special episode of Tech Bites featuring some of the best American heritage foods. Donny and Beth Drennan, owners of…

EPISODE 72 | September 22, 2016


What’s the best way to get people interested and involved in a better food system? Have them taste a ripe…

EPISODE 71 | September 15, 2016


Does good food equal healthy living? Maybe. The two are related, but not exactly the same thing. If you’re interested…

EPISODE 70 | August 1, 2016


What’s up ChouxBox? We first meet Tony Aiazzi and Xavier “X” Mariezcurrena a year ago on Tech Bites Episode 24….

EPISODE 69 | July 25, 2016


It’s easy to see how the BlurtBox app is an easy way for customers to give feedback in real time…

EPISODE 68 | July 18, 2016


Pokémon Go is the hottest app in the world. Period. Launched on July 5, 2016 it is now available in…

EPISODE 67 | July 11, 2016


So you sold your app for $85 million dollars. What do you do next? Why start another app of course….

EPISODE 66 | June 27, 2016


Restaurant staff is a hot topic now. Where are all the good cooks? How do you find them – and…

EPISODE 65 | June 20, 2016


How can a single indie coffee shop compete with a giant corporation like Starbucks? By banding together with other indie coffee…

EPISODE 64 | June 13, 2016


Reserve first came on to the food tech scene in 2014 as way for consumers to “have a better dinning…

EPISODE 63 | June 6, 2016


Get Bitten on this episode of Tech Bites. Bitten is a unique hybrid company that produces real life events to…

EPISODE 62 | May 23, 2016

Millennials ❤ Wine

In 2015, Millennials drank more wine than any other age demographic. According to a recent Wine Market Council report, they…

EPISODE 61 | May 16, 2016


So there was this DJ, who spent time touring the world looking for interesting and good things to eat in…

EPISODE 60 | May 9, 2016

Spring Cleaning – Digital Detox

Give your digital life a spring cleaning. Hit the reset button with in-studio guest Paul Kemawikasit Alexander, a New York…

EPISODE 59 | May 2, 2016

Future Radio Stars: Saxelby Radio Scholars

Saxelby Radio Scholars program is a podcast series produced by teenagers from the Food and Finance High School in New…

EPISODE 58 | April 25, 2016

Wallplay with CEO/Founder Laura O’Reilly

Go beyond the logo into the land of visual identity and digital content. Not sure what digital content and virtual…

EPISODE 57 | April 4, 2016

Cherry Bombe Jubilee

It’s time for the annual Cherry Bombe Jubilee Conference, the awesome day with awesome food and the most awesome women….

EPISODE 56 | March 28, 2016

RoundTable: The NYC Restaurant Guide Powered By Industry Insiders

It’s a widely know fact that the restaurant industry does not like the public review forum Yelp. Andrew Johnson, believes…

EPISODE 55 | March 14, 2016

Slow Money NYC with Derek Denckla

Need funding for your food tech start-up? If it’s a thoughtful, sustainable, and potentially impactful business – you might be…

EPISODE 54 | March 7, 2016

Journee: Online Community for Restaurant Pros

Today’s restaurant industry is evolving at super-fast pace. How do professionals keep up with wine trends, tech, real estate and…

EPISODE 53 | February 29, 2016

Tasting Table: Best of Food+Tech

Geek out with Tasting Table’s Best of Food + Tech, the month-long focus on everything in the culinary – cyber…

EPISODE 52 | February 22, 2016

Resy, CEO/Co-Founder Ben Leventhal

Now that you’ve got a table – what’s next? Resy launched in 2014 with an initial offering of paid reservations…

EPISODE 51 | February 15, 2016

The Foodstand App & Start-Up Spotlight Co-Founder/CEO Rachna Govani

The Foodstand app is the good food community that lives in your pocket. It brings together eaters and good food…

EPISODE 50 | February 8, 2016

Culinary Agents Founder/CEO Alice Cheng

Getting that dream restaurant job used to mean trolling through craigslist, or waiting outside chef’s office every day for a…

EPISODE 49 | February 1, 2016


PRINT v DIGITAL. For the 2016 food writer, which is better? Is print still prestigious? Has digital media commoditized and…

EPISODE 48 | January 25, 2016

Potluck Video with Ali Rosen

Potluck Video is one of the top sources for fresh culinary video content online. Founder and host Ali Rosen joins…

EPISODE 47 | January 18, 2016

Digital Media Boot Camp for Opening a Restaurant

If you own a restaurant or food business and want to run your social media, marketing and PR on your…

EPISODE 46 | January 11, 2016

Here Comes the Pitch: Dine Market

Dine Market is an online marketplace and app designed to bring restaurants and their vendors together on one platform. The…

EPISODE 45 | January 4, 2016

American Food 2.0 with Mitchell Davis

On the premier episdoe of 2016 we’ll talk with Mitchell Davis, chief creative officer USA Pavillion at Expo 2015 Milano,…

EPISODE 44 | December 14, 2015

2016 Predictions with Dana Cowin

For the last episode of 2015, the always brilliant Dana Cowin, of Food & Wine Magazine and Chefs Club International,…

EPISODE 43 | December 7, 2015

JKL & Jack Recap 2015 – A Year of Tech Bites

The penultimate episode of the year. Tech Bites host Jennifer Leuzzi and engineer/musical director/contributor Jack Inslee, recap the good, the…

EPISODE 42 | November 30, 2015

Recipe for a Hack

Rez Hound and Last Minute Eatin’ are two online services, built to extract the primo reservations inside the OpenTable system….

EPISODE 41 | November 23, 2015

Put the Giving into Thanksgiving

Use your tech to do some good on this special holiday episode of Tech Bites. We’ll look at the transformation…

EPISODE 40 | November 16, 2015

The B-Side – Fighting Foodies

Tune in to the debut episode of The B-Side where we talk with some of our favorite people in the…

EPISODE 39 | November 9, 2015

Disconnect From Your Tech

Technology is having a profound impact on our lives – and it’s not all good. What keep us connected and…

EPISODE 38 | November 2, 2015

Here Comes the Pitch

Restaurants want to know what customers think to improve service– but don’t want to be held hostage by public criticism….

EPISODE 37 | October 26, 2015

Story of a Start-Up: Part Deux

This is The Story of a Start-Up: Part Deux. In June we talked with Salivation start-up founder Joseph Epstein, the…

EPISODE 36 | October 19, 2015

How secure is your business? Lock it down with security boot camp.

Most restaurant owners are thinking about offering delicious food and awesome atmosphere to their customers. The last thing they consider…

EPISODE 35 | October 12, 2015

Life Inside the FOOD-X Accelerator

Do you wonder what’s it like to be a start-up tech company inside an accelerator? Maybe you’re thinking – what…

EPISODE 34 | October 5, 2015

DJ Takeover: Jack Inslee & Uptown Nikko

Tech Bites gets lots of love and support from the Full Service DJ’s Uptown Nikko and Jack Inslee, so we…

EPISODE 33 | September 28, 2015

Your Phone is DIRTY. Ask a Clean Person

You phone and tech gear are dirty and you know it. Not what’s in it (that’s your business) but what…

EPISODE 32 | September 21, 2015

Instagram Boot Camp

Get more Instagram followers by building a better feed. Michael Harlan Turkell, professional photographer and host of HRN’s The Food…

EPISODE 31 | September 14, 2015

Are Delivery Services Bad for Restaurants?

Food delivery is one of the hottest food tech categories right now – with online ordering representing about 9-billion dollars…

EPISODE 30 | August 10, 2015

Techtable Summit: Hi

There are apps for almost every piece of the dinning experience. There are apps to recommend restaurants, buy the reservations,…

EPISODE 29 | August 3, 2015

BlurtBox: The Post-Yelp Future of Customer Feedback

The internet and social media have given people a virtual soapbox to stand-up and rant, review and critique restaurants with…

EPISODE 28 | July 27, 2015

Artisan Food +Uber = Our Harvest

This week on Tech Bites Host Jennifer Leuzzi interviews Scott Reich and Mike Winik, founders of Our Harvest. Scott and…

EPISODE 27 | July 20, 2015

10 Years of Eater with founder Lockhart Steele

Eater, Est. in 2005 as the Blog & Bar Americain, created much of today’s requisites for online restaurant (nay –…

EPISODE 26 | July 13, 2015

Culintro: The Digital Restaurant Industry Network

The restaurant industry has always managed to stay connected through a unique global network of word-of-mouth powered by purveyors that…

EPISODE 25 | July 6, 2015

Shen Tong of Food

Taking a page from the Silicon Valley playbook, FOOD-X combines start-ups with culinary ventures in one of the first food…

EPISODE 24 | June 29, 2015

ChouxBox Inventory Tech for Restaurants

This new tech company ChouxBox comes from a chef and front-of-house guy, who wanted to spend less time on paperwork…

EPISODE 23 | June 22, 2015

Cook Like a Chef with Salivation – Story of a Start

Learning to cook via video is a growing food tech category. From subscription-based models to crowd-sourced amateur videos, to YouTube…

EPISODE 22 | June 15, 2015

Social Media Digital Take

It takes more than a traveling chef and great pork buns to conquer the global restaurant and media markets. In…

EPISODE 21 | June 8, 2015

DJ Timka & Chef Laurent Gras – Restaurant Music

Music can be an important ingredient to any dining experience and expressing the point-of-view of the house. In some cases,…

EPISODE 20 | June 1, 2015

Danielle Gould founder of Food + Tech Connect

How do you keep up with all the start-ups, meet-ups and hackathons? You plug into to Food + Tech Connect….

EPISODE 19 | May 18, 2015

BITE Silicon Valley

There’s a new food festival on the block – or more accurately – down in the valley. On June 5th…

EPISODE 18 | May 11, 2015

David Gruber and Pam Lewy Tweet for Tables at Babbo Restaurant

Since opening in 1998, Mario Batali’s Babbo restaurant has been one of the toughest reservations to get. Back then, a…

EPISODE 17 | May 4, 2015

Kickstarter: The 1.7 Billion Dollar Idea

People have pledged more that 1.7-billion dollars to Kickstarter projects since it’s 2009 inception. The fundraising community has re-invented restaurant…

EPISODE 16 | April 27, 2015

Jim Meehan & Martin Doudoroff on the new PDT App

How many cocktail recipes have been born at the famed New York City bar PDT since it’s opening in 2007?…

EPISODE 15 | April 20, 2015

IBM’s Chef Watson and Cognitive Cooking with Bon Appetit

How do you teach a computer to cook? Have it read the 9,000 recipes in the Bon Appetit Magazine database…

EPISODE 14 | April 13, 2015

Kate Krader and Steven Hall on The Instagram Effect

Instagram has been one of the fastest growing social media platforms since the app was release in 2010. Today it…

EPISODE 13 | April 6, 2015

Michael Madrigale of Bar Boulud, Social Media Som

Have you seen “BTG” scrolling through your social media feed and wondered WTH “BTG Mags” means? By-the-Glass Magnums of course….

EPISODE 12 | March 30, 2015

Amanda Hesser, Food52

Since it’s launch in 2009, Food52 has grown from crowdsourcing recipes to cooking apps and commerce, becoming a fixture of…

EPISODE 11 | March 23, 2015

IACP Awards Digital E

Got bacon? Take a virtual trip to Pig Island with this episode’s guests Rachael Wharton and Jimmy Carbone, authors of…

EPISODE 10 | March 16, 2015

Savory App: Food made

Food delivery is one of the big trends right now in food and technology. Savory uses app technology as ecommerce…

EPISODE 9 | March 9, 2015

Mark Egerman and Chris Lauber

Is cash still king? With restaurant payment apps like COVER, you don’t even need your wallet, let alone cash to…

EPISODE 8 | March 2, 2015

The New Epicurious: A Web Food Utility

Condé Nast launched Epicurious 20 years ago, as the online recipe box for all their publications. It has gone through…

EPISODE 7 | February 23, 2015


The current trend of food delivery fueled by tech isn’t just for restaurants, it’s reaching farm-to-table too. CSA (community supported…

EPISODE 6 | February 16, 2015

Critical Evolution: Ryan Sutton Restaurant Reviewer

Michelin first published in 1900, a book of restaurants worth a trip to encourage people to dive more on their…

EPISODE 5 | February 9, 2015

Food Design & Supermarket 2065

Imagine the grocery store of the future. In 2065, what does the cart look like? Is there a produce section?…

EPISODE 4 | February 2, 2015

Next Gen Wine Apps, Delectable 4.4

Want to be a wine expert? There’s an app for that. The 4.4 release of the Delectable wine app is…

EPISODE 3 | January 26, 2015

Hacking OpenTable for Last Minute Reservations

Do you have a dinner reservation tonight? Today, booking a table can be harder to get than tickets to a…

EPISODE 2 | January 19, 2015

Libraries, Culinary Archives and Digital Menus

Collecting cookbooks and menus is so important to our culinary life, whether it’s for our personal memories or sharing public…

EPISODE 1 | January 12, 2015

Forbes Food & Drink “30 Under 30” 2015

The Forbes annual “30 Under 30” list identifies and applauds young innovators and entrepreneurs who are impacting our world. The…

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