Arts & Seizures hosts Mike “Duke” Edison and Peter “Count” Zaremba, the accredited masters of classic cocktail dementia, sick blues, and generally warped intellectual reverie have cobbled together Volume One of the Arts & Seizures Follies, five songs worth of blues, booze, and psychedelic mish-mosh guaranteed to blow up your skirt, blow back your hair, and make you want to blow up your radio!

For those of you who’ve been following along, Heritage Radio’s Number One free-form talk and variety show has been lurching from drink to drink and song to song, featuring a mind-altering panoply of guests, from local luminaries and punk rockers to members of the Rolling Stones, superstar sommeliers, anarchist rabbis, barstool philosophers, and conspiracy theorists — the good kind, like the ones bent on finding the lost continent Atlantis…for instance.

Every week, with varying degrees of alacrity and competence, Edison and Zaremba  have been peppering their high-speed talk-show-cum-beatnik-rap-session with blues classics, rock’n’roll gems, and other high-minded hijinks.

We recommend you spend the rest of your life going through the Arts & Seizures archives — over 200 shows! — but for those living in the modern world, we’ve put together a lightning fast thirteen minutes of mayhem and merriment for your amusement, five songs and a few jokes, including numbers by Sonny Boy Williamson, Bo Diddley, and Donovan. How can you go wrong? Light up your life! Be happy! Here it is, THE ARTS & SEIZURES SESSIONS, VOL. 1 !!!!!


Tracklist: Dead Presidents/Say Man/Red Hot/Let’s Get High/Atlantis


MIKE EDISON is the former editor and publisher of High Times magazine. His books include the celebrated memoir I Have Fun Everywhere I Go, the sprawling social history of sex on the newsstand, Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! and the deliciously filthy political satire Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie. More recently he collaborated with Joe Bastianich on his New York Times bestselling memoir, Restaurant Man. Edison is also a noted musician and storyteller and a professional wrestler of no small repute.

Since the Mid-’70s PETER ZAREMBA has fronted the New York City Garage Rock legends, the Fleshtones. He’s also been an MTV host and a food & travel columnist for the New York Daily News and Time Out New York. He is a celebrated bon vivant, and truly a man for all seasons. When not showing off his Sputnik-era humor on Arts & Seizures he can be heard on his own kooky late night show on Sirius XM.


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