$20 Cheeseboards for the Holiday Season

There’s no better way to gather with friends or family than with a cheeseboard. And making one yourself at home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. In fact, all of the cheeseboards you see here were made with just $20.

Our friends at Roth® Cheese share a handful of money-saving tips to make your next cheeseboard eye-catching and delicious, while staying seasonal and preventing food waste. What’s not to love?

  • Use fruits and veggies you can buy just one of (cucumbers, tomatoes, or apples) or use what you have left over in your refrigerator, like partial blueberry and raspberry containers.
  • Buy from the bulk areas of your grocery store to save on nuts, dried fruit and candies. Get only what you need!
  • Find a few affordable cheeses you know your guests will love. Our favorites for the holidays are Roth Grand Cru®, Roth Buttermilk Blue® and Roth Cranberry Cinnamon Chèvre goat cheese.
  • Shop your refrigerator and pantry for staples you already have, like raisins, honey, pickles, olives, herbs and jams.
  • Use in-season produce that’s affordable and easy to find a local stores or farmer’s markets.
  • Opt for deli turkey, ham, or salami instead of expensive charcuterie.

Other helpful tips to elevate your cheeseboard style:

  • Balance color by placing foods of the same color opposite each other (see: cherries, raspberries + tomatoes!)
  • Cut your cheese into different shapes for variety and beauty, like triangles and squares. Or, let guests crumble their own pieces with cheeses like blue with a small cheese knife.
  • Don’t fret over using the “right knife”. Your kitchen’s Chef’s knife will work great for cutting any cheese.
  • It is always easiest to cut cheese cold—so be sure to keep it in your refrigerator until just before you are ready to begin prep.
  • Cheese is best eaten at a cool room temperature, so prep your board about an hour before your guests arrive. That way you and your guests can enjoy the cheese and all the wonderful flavors it has to share.

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