HRN Hall of Fame: Thalassa Skinner

Nominated by: Cutting the Curd

Lassa Skinner’s commitment to growing education, excitement and energy within the cheese industry is clear through every area of her work. Culture Cheese magazine has become an industry institution, and more recently her education and community-building Counter Culture events have equalized opportunities for front-line mongers around the country to connect and grow as professionals.

Appearances on HRN:
Cutting The Curd: Catching Up With Culture
Cutting The Curd: Cheese Stories 2016
Cutting The Curd: A Chat With Culture Magazine
Cutting The Curd: What’S In A Cheese Name: Part 2
Cutting The Curd: Book Review: Cheese For Dummies

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RT @SaxelbyCheese: Awesome spread thanks to @wisconsincheese for the @heritage_radio 10th anniversary gala @brooklynbotanic!! #heritageradi…
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Awesome spread thanks to @wisconsincheese for the @heritage_radio 10th anniversary gala @brooklynbotanic!!…
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