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Weekly Picks: Leaders Across the Industry

The food world must remain on its toes as the Delta variant rises, vaccine requirements and mask mandates shift, and conversations about building back better continue. This week, HRN hosted interviews with industry leaders we can all look to as our social and political landscape continues to evolve.

Food Waste is Heating Up the Planet. Is Dumpster-Diving by App a Solution?

"One-third of the food produced worldwide...ends up rotting in fields, the back of people’s fridges, or in the dump."

Podcast Spotlight: Speaking Broadly

On Speaking Broadly, host Dana Cowin sits down with trailblazing women in food to learn about their stories. These intimate conversations delve into the challenges and successes of featured guests, etching out their journey of getting to where they are.  We’re highlighting a number of episodes from Speaking Broadly that have inspired Team HRN.  By: Vy Duong  

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