A Catskills Field Day with HRN

Join HRN at our First Annual Catskills Field Day! Choose your own adventure à la carte, or opt for the full day for an epic, delicious experience.


2022 Heritage Radio Network Catskills Field Day

Mushroom Foraging with Catskill Fungi

Saturday, August 27, 9:30 AM – 12 PM

Meet us at the forest’s edge for a light breakfast by Bread Alone, and get energized! Then we’ll head out for a two-hour foraging walk with experienced mycology educator Erwin Karl to seek and learn all about the local fungi. Bags, baskets, books, and magnifiers will be provided to help us find, photograph, sustainably harvest, and identify mushrooms. We’ll learn which mushrooms are edible or medicinal, and how to prepare them, and about the underground network that binds the forest together. Our conversation will answer your questions about indoor and outdoor mushroom cultivation, and the ecological value, historic uses, scientific importance, and future potential of the fungi we find.

Hog Butchery Demonstration

Saturday, August 27, 9 – 10 AM; included with dinner ticket

Learn about the importance of humane and efficient meat butchery from chef Sohail Zandi, and peek behind the scenes of our upcoming dinner as he breaks down a whole hog in preparation for the evening’s feast at Brushland. Throughout the class he’ll explain techniques for butchering, cooking, charcuterie-making and other preservation techniques. Coffee and baked goods will be served at 9 AM.

After the class, enjoy your summer day in the Catskills while chef Sohail prepares delicious pork dishes for the evening’s menu. We’ll regroup for cocktail hour at 6PM- see below!

Picnic Lunch, Mini-Golf, and Live Podcast Pop-up at Putt Putt Van Winkle

Saturday, August 27, 12 – 4 PM / rain date Sunday, August 28, 11AM – 3PM

Eat, drink, and indulge in friendly competition with mini-golf, a seasonal picnic lunch by The Smoke Joint, and bucolic fun at the most magical place in the Catskill Mountains. Putt Putt Van Winkle is a hand-built, 9-hole miniature golf course in Bovina, NY, themed on literature’s Rip Van Winkle. This whimsical setting is the perfect place to while away the afternoon with family and friends. Enjoy your picnic sitting by the creek, taste locally produced food and beverages from a variety of Catskills artisans, and listen in to HRN’s signature food storytelling recorded live throughout the day at the pop-up podcast lounge.

Cocktail Hour & Family Style Dinner at Brushland

Saturday, August 27, 6:00 PM

Celebrate a fulfilling day of summer fun with a cocktail hour followed by a seasonal three-course meal at the highly acclaimed eating house. Our hosts, chef Sohail Zandi and his wife and co-owner Sara, created Brushland as a monument to love, life, and food.

Eating houses, like many things born out of necessity, brought people together. In their earliest incarnations the small, simple, colonial eateries – often housed in train cars – offered up readily available ingredients for the community’s consumption. They were some of the 19th century’s first public dining spaces. We’d like to think it was there that you could feel at ease clinking glasses and slurping broth, loosening a top button and enjoying the company of the other patrons.

So important is the existence of this welcoming place; and Brushland’s founding tenet of celebrating the ordinary feels even more relevant now– the energy of a full dining room, the excitement of sharing a meal with strangers, drinking sparkling wine, and singing along with the playlist. Hope you’re here for a good time, because we are.

Fresh Flour Pancake Breakfast at Putt Putt Van Winkle – NEW ADDITION!

Sunday, August 28, 10 – 11:30 AM

Rise and shine for a pancake breakfast featuring organic New York-grown & ground flour from Farmer Ground. Flour Ambassador & author of The New Bread Basket Amy Halloran is excited to salute the Dutch roots of pancakes at the splendid, playful Putt Putt Van Winkle. This breakfast will be so fresh that Van Winkle himself might rise again, summoned from his slumber by the buttery perfume of fresh flour hotcakes. Whether or not his ghost surfaces, you’re welcome to stick around to play a round of mini-golf, or sit by the creek to enjoy the fresh Catskill Mountain air while reading Amy’s zine The Pancake Papers – copies of this fun guide to fresh flour will be available, with sales to benefit HRN.

Thank you to our partners.