A Look Back at Our Favorite Cutting the Curd Episodes with Carlos Yescas

From Paraguay to Brazil, Ukraine to England, as a co-host of Cutting the Curd Carlos Yescas brought listeners on a global journey through conversations with cheesemakers worldwide. Carlos’ final show as a co-host aired this week as he begins new and exciting projects. HRN is so grateful for his contributions, knowledge, and insights on Cutting the Curd, and we look forward to following his new endeavors. Listen to our playlist featuring some of our favorite Cutting the Curd episodes with Carlos as host for an educational deep dive into cheeses from around the world.

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Cutting the Curd Episode 501: Brazilian Cheese: A New Country to Learn From: John Braga speaks to us about his work in Brazil and the US promoting traditional cheeses. He also voices Senhor Tião from an interview conducted by Carlos Yescas during his trip to Minas Gerais, Brazil, in May 2022.

Cutting the Curd Episode 484: Special Show: A Check-in With Ukrainian Cheesemakers: Special Show: We check in with cheesemakers and cheese professionals from Ukraine. We hear from Olha Ternytska, cheesemaker and restaurant fromager, Oksana Chernova, cheese judge and training expert, as well as cheesemakers Andriy Kulyk and Oleksander Ukrainets, also known as “The Milk Master at Lel.” They share their plans, worries, and love for Ukrainian cheese. “Cheesemakers are resilient, but so many in Ukraine face an uncertain future.” Carlos Yescas would like to dedicate this show to the victims of war.

Cutting the Curd Episode 482: Introducing the Concept of Social Ecology: We talk to Grace Gershuny, organic farmer, writer, and thinker, about the concepts of Social Ecology and how the dairy and cheese industry can do more to address climate change. She teaches for the Institute for Social Ecology and is based in Vermont.

Cutting the Curd Episode 497: 1/2: What’s the Difference Between Raw and Unpasteurized Milk Cheese? With Mariano Gonzalez: A two-episode series on the difference between raw milk and unpasteurized. In this first episode, Carlos Yescas speaks with Mariano Gonzalez, head cheesemaker at Grafton Village Cheese Company. Mariano also talks about his experience trying to set up a cheese program in Paraguay and assisting USAID.

Cutting the Curd Episode 498: 2/2: What’s the Difference Between Raw and Unpasteurized Milk Cheese? With Jonny Crickmore: Part two of a two-episode series on the difference between raw milk and unpasteurized. In the second episode, Carlos Yescas speaks with Jonny Crickmore, cheesemaker at Fen Farm Dairy in England.

Cutting the Curd Episode 453: Catching up with the DZTE: We hear from Rachel Juhl, Mary Quicke, and Peter Dixon on news from the DZTE and learn what inspires them to be part of this organization.

Cutting the Curd Episode 503: A World of Cheese:

The cheese industry has a presence in almost every country around the world. Those who work in this industry are passionate about their jobs, cheese, and community. In this episode, we heard voices from around the world from cheese professionals on how they became experts. They shared their thoughts with Carlos Yescas as he concluded his time as guest host of this podcast.

Carlos would like to thank everyone at HRN for their hard work in opening spaces for thoughtful conversations and to his co-hosts Cara and Jessica.