HRN Hall of Fame: Ariane Batterberry

Nominated by: The Main Course O.G.

Ariane Batterberry is the cofounder of Food Arts and Food & Wine magazines. Ms. Batterberry’s publishing experience includes 12 books, authored both individually and with her husband, Michael Batterberry. Michael and Ariane worked together in publishing from the late 1960s until 2010. They are truly titans of the industry. Perhaps no other couple has done more to advance American food culture than they have. Their food writing began with On The Town in New York, A History of Restaurants from 1776-1976. On the Main Course, Ariane took listeners on a fascinating journey through our American culinary history, and explained how the American Chef was born. She and her husband were always great connectors of people in the food world, from their friendship with James Beard, to introducing HRN to Dave Arnold and Katy Keiffer, two of our long-standing hosts.

Appearances on HRN:

The Main Course O.G.: Ariane Batterberry, Christina Tosi & John Donohue