Heritage Radio Network's Best of 2016

What a year! We're so proud to share with you our top episodes of 2016.  We've even put together a handy playlist for your binge-listening pleasure. Share a belly laugh with Martha Stewart on Radio Cherry Bombe, get thirsty for wine made by rockstars and beer brewed from surplus bread with Cooking Issues and Beer Sessions Radio, find out who invented the snap pea on The Farm Report, and much, much, more. Mind. Blown.

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A Taste of the Past, Episode 244: Tastes Like Chicken
This week on A Taste of the Past – author and culinary historian Emelyn Rude traces the history of eating chicken, from the first domestication of the chicken nearly 10,000 years ago to its current status as our favorite meat.

All In the Industry, Episode 100: Danny Meyer
Shari Bayer celebrates her 100th episode of All in the Industry with hospitality and restaurant legend, Danny Meyer. Danny Meyer is the CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, which includes Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, Blue Smoke, Jazz Standard, The Modern, Maialino, Untitled, North End Grill, Marta, Union Square Events, and Hospitality Quotient. He recounts his childhood and the events that led him to his career in the industry, the new Union Square Cafe location, the tipping conversation and more!

Animal Instinct, Episode 110: The Dark Tradition Behind Spain's Hunting Dogs
Today on Animal Instinct, we’re joined by documentary filmmaker Yeray Lopez Portillo, who’s working on a film about hunting dog culture in Spain. Yo Galgo tells the story of the galgo, a greyhound breed treated like goods rather than creatures. Used for hunting down hare, a strong hunting dog has a short shelf life, such that thousands are abandoned or killed at the end of each hunting season. Yeray tells us about his journey sharing the plight of the galgo on camera.

Arts and Seizures, Episode 195: City Is Sedition
On the march to our 200th show!! This week is gonna be equal parts Arts & Seizures when we are joined by John Strausbaugh who will talk about his new book City of Sedition: The History of New York City during the Civil War – get a dose of local history, plus Peter Zaremba has brought us booze all the way from China!!!! Another guaranteed classic. As ever, 2 PM, Brooklyn pizza time.

Beer Sessions Radio, Episode 351: Tristram Stuart and Toast Ale
This week, we bring you a very special live Wednesday edition of Beer Sessions Radio featuring Tristram Stuart, an international award-winning author, speaker, campaigner and expert on the environmental and social impacts of food waste. His books have been described as “a genuinely revelatory contribution to the history of human ideas” (The Times) and his TED talk has been watched over a million times. National Geographic featured Tristram’s food waste activism on the cover of their May 2016 issue. The environmental campaigning organization he founded, Feedback, has spread its work into dozens of countries worldwide to change society’s attitude towards wasting food. He is also the founder of Toast Ale, a beer launched in the UK in 2016 that is made using fresh, surplus bread. Also in studio are Pat Greene from Chelsea Brewing, Madi Holtzman, Devin Hardy, Amy Halloran, and more!

Cooking Issues, Episode 261: Rockstar Wines
On this week’s special episode of Cooking Issues, Dave and Nastassia are joined in the studio by Jordana Rothman, Anthony Bozza, Clifton Hyde, and Daniel Gritzer for a tasting and judging of “rockstar” wines, i.e. wines created in collaboration with such rockstars as Les Claypool, Dave Matthews, David Coverdale of Whitesnake, and more!

Cutting the Curd, Episode 272: Cheese and More With Lidia Bastianich
Beloved television chef, restaurateur and cookbook author Lidia Bastianich joins host Greg Blais to talk about cheese!

Eat Your Words, Episode 256: Bread, Wine, and Chocolate: The Slow Loss Of Foods We Love
Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love – part memoir of a journey to six continents in pursuit of delicious and endangered tastes, part investigation of the loss of biodiversity from soil to plate – tells the story of what we are losing, how we are losing it, and the inspiring people and places that are bringing back the foods we love. This week on Eat Your Words, host Cathy Erway is in studio with author Simran Sethi talking how in America today, food often looks and tastes the same, whether at a San Francisco farmers market or at a Midwestern potluck. Shockingly, 95% of the world’s calories now come from only thirty species. Though supermarkets seem to be stocked with endless options, the differences between products are superficial, primarily in flavor and brand. Tune in for an enlightening conversation and learn what it takes to save the tastes that connect us with the world around us.

Eating Matters, Episode 71: Interview with Sam Kass
This week on Eating Matters, host Jenna Liut sit down and talk with Sam Kass, the former Executive Director of Lets Move!, Senior Advisor for Nutrition Policy, and White House Chef in the Obama Administration. Sam gives us a behind the scenes view of what it takes to pass innovative food legislation, consumers ability to impact the food industry and, of course, the First Family’s eating habits.

Feast Yr Ears, Episode 48: The State of Food and the Farmer's Market in Flint
Sean Gartland from Flint Food Works at the Flint Farmer’s market joins Harry to talk about the incubator there and the state of small food producers in Flint in the wake of the nation’s worst urban water crisis in more than a century.

Food Talk with Mike Colameco, Episode 95: Fuchsia Dunlop & Alice Feiring
In the first half of this week’s Food Talk, Mike chats with Fuchsia Dunlop, an English writer and cook who specializes in Chinese cuisine. She was an East Asian analyst at the BBC World Service, and was the first westerner to train as a chef at the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Her latest book is Land of Fish and Rice: Recipes from the Culinary Heart of China. After the break, Alice Feiring is back in the studio to talk about natural wines and the recent RAW Wine Fair in Brooklyn.

Fuhmentaboudit!, Episode 181: Wild for Wild Fermentation with the King of Kraut, Sandor Katz
Today on Fuhmentaboudit, the crew talks to Sandor Katz, the man behind the fermentation revolution! The occasion: Katz has recently published a snazzy update on his classic, Wild Fermentation.

GreenHorns Radio, Episode 270: Nels Veliquette
Nels Veliquette lives in Victoria, British Columbia with his wife Michelle and son Axel. Raised in Michigan in the tart cherry business, one generation removed from the dairy, he is active in business planning, policy development and education. Nels has direct experience in production, logistics, agri-tourism development, land preservation and finance. He has a Masters Degree in Administration and is a writer, educator and business consultant who does not fear the future.

In the Drink, Episode 174: Bay Grape – Wine Retailing In Oakland, California
On the season finale of In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by husband-and-wife team Josiah Baldivino and Stevie Stacionis, owners and operators of the Bay Grape wine shop in Oakland, California. Bay Grape is a wine shop focused on community. In addition to wine, they offer beer, specialty sodas and a small retail selection of local, artisanal foodstuffs. They also host winemaker-led tastings and casual, relaxed wine classes. Tune in to hear the story of Josiah and Stevie’s courtship, their stint in New York, the day-to-day of running a neighborhood wine shop, and more!

Inside School Food, Episode 70: Remembering Philando Castile
On July 6, 2016, the school nutrition community suffered the tragic loss of one of its own when Philando Castile was shot by police during a routine traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Philando—a.k.a. “Mr. Phil” and “Mr. Rogers with dreadlocks”—was the beloved 32-year-old cafeteria supervisor for the J.J. Hill Montessori School in Saint Paul. In this special episode, produced in collaboration with Saint Paul Public Schools, we hear about Philando from his colleagues and his mother, Valerie Castile. They join us in mourning, and in celebration of a life well lived and a job well done.

Japan Eats, Episode 31: It All Started in Japan
Chef Michael Anthony, Executive Chef of Gramercy Tavern and Untitled of the Union Square Hospitality Group talks with Japan Eats host Akiko Katayama about living in Tokyo right after graduating from college. The move changed the course of his life and career. Tune in to hear how Michael’s experience in Japan stayed with him even as he moved to France and back to the U.S."
" Full Service Radio, Episode 119: The DL Cookbook with Eli Of Soul Clap and Andrea Lubrano
Food / Music power couple Eli Goldstein of Soul Clap and chef Andrea Lubrano are this week’s guests on Full Service Radio.

Love Bites, Episode 33: Traveling Solo and Pushing Personal Limits with Kristin Newman!
There’s something to be said about being single in your thirties. There’s the rush of not knowing who you’re gonna kiss next, and the freedom to do whatever the hell you want whenever the hell you want. But looking for your counterpoint on the Earth can be exhausting and annoying, too. On today’s show, we explore this dichotomy. What romantic wins from the last six weeks – the last time the two of us were together live in the studio before Ben took off to perform in Maine – can we celebrate? What challenges have arisen from breaking out of the patterns we usually function within? Then we’re joined by Kristin Newman, the author of the memoir What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding. While many of her friends got hitched and started popping out babies, Kristin traveled the world, pushing herself into experiences that she would never dare embrace at home. What did overcoming fears, meeting people from around the world, and “doing the thing you’re supposed to do in the place you’re supposed to do it” teach her about love? Have a listen to find out.

Magnifeco Radio, Episode 33: Living Trash-Free
The US produces 254 million tons of trash each year, yet NYC-based Lauren Singer is living a nearly ‘trash-free’ life. Author of the Zero Waste blog ‘Trash is for Tossers’, the amount of trash that she has produced over the past four years can fit inside of a 16 oz mason jar.

Primary Food, Episode 26: Chocolate Ink
Oceana’s Executive Pastry Chef, Colleen Grapes, Foodtographer, Nicole Horton and Ryann Mead of Fine & Raw Chocolate Factory, talk with Cynthia about the love of chocolate, sweets, fun times in the kitchen, tools, tattoos, what it was like to cook for SHARE Cancer Support’s A Second Helping Of Life, and so much more! This is one awesome Food & Music pairing!

Radio Cherry Bombe, Episode 89: Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart joins us for this episode of Radio Cherry Bombe. The show was recorded at our Jubilee conference this past spring when Martha sat down with Cherry Bombe co-founder Kerry Diamond for the keynote conversation. As only Martha can be, she was wise, emotional, honest, and hilarious. We’re honored that she joined us and hope you enjoy this big moment as much as we did. Today’s outro is read by Grace Ramirez, author of the cookbook La Latina.

Roberta's Radio, Episode 64: Roberta's Takes an Improv Comedy Class

Snacky Tunes, Episode 263: Curtis Stone & B Boys
This week’s episode of Snacky Tunes features an interview with Chef Curtis Stone, followed by an in-studio performance by B Boys. Curtis Stone is an Australian celebrity chef, author and television personality, nicknamed “The Quiet Terminator” by fans following his performance on The Celebrity Apprentice 3. He recently launched his ambitious new tasting-menu restaurant Gwen in Hollywood.

Tech Bites, Episode 68: Pokémon Go!
Pokémon Go is the hottest app in the world. Period. Launched on July 5, 2016 it is now available in 26 countries with more than 15 million downloads. The augmented reality game has people chasing and capturing Pokémon characters in the real world. Restaurants and business worldwide (like Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick – home of the Heritage Radio Network Studio) are setting lures and stops to attract players and customers. Today in-studio we talk with Khushbu Shah Deputy Food Editor at Mic., Anthony Falco, Roberta’s Pizza Czar and Chris Ancona, pizza chef and Pokémon Go trainer.

The Farm Report, Episode 295: Dr. Calvin Lamborn, Inventor of the Snap Pea
This week on The Farm Report, host Erin Fairbanks welcomes Dr. Calvin Lamborn to the studio. As a young breeder, with a PhD. in plant breeding, and a keen curiosity, Dr. Lamborn crossed a rogue garden pea with a snow pea. By chance, he observed an off type pea “rogue” which had thicker pod wall flesh than normal. Calvin’s first thought was that this thicker pod flesh would improve the quality of the snow pea pods. The unexpected outcome was a new class of edible podded pea, which you may have heard of, called the Snap Pea. Since then, Calvin’s Peas have earned prestigious honors and awards in the trade as well as acclaim from top chefs across the country. At 82 years of age, Calvin continues to breed new peas, and has exceeded his expectations of what was possible with peas from when he first began.

The Food Seen, Episode 275: Spritz
On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we spritz with Leslie Pariseau & Talia Baiocchi, co-founders of PUNCH, a website devoted to the stories behind what and why we drink, as authors of the aforementioned verb/noun, “SPRITZ: Italy’s Most Iconic Aperitivo Cocktail”. We’ll start drinking with the Greeks and Romans, who mixed their wines with honey and herbs. Austrian soldiers traversed Northern Italy during the Habsburg monarchy, who were used to Riesling so they diluted their the regional varietals to make them more palatable. Then there’s that story about a bartender, a punch, and a bloody nose. But where oh where does the spritz really come from? Bitter liqueur found fame in the 1920s – 1930s, with Select, Campari, Martini & Rosso … but it was the American white wine spritzers of the 1980s, and the addition of Prosecco in the 1990s, that not only brought the spritz to prominence, but also made us lose site of those bacari (Venetian wine bars) and Milanese establishments like Bar Bass, which never wavered from the #spritzlife. Thankfully Leslie & Talia are here to bring back the golden hour, and put us through Aperitivi 101. So before you think about dinner, make sure you precede that with a spritz.

The Front Burner, Episode 2: Minds of the Chefs
Mental illness, psychological disorders, and substance abuse have been a part of the DNA of professional kitchens for generations. Often glamorized or joked about, and just as often swept under the runners, they are rarely taken head-on for the serious challenge they represent to both individuals and the industry. Writer and Tasting Table Editor at-Large Kat Kinsman (author of the forthcoming Hi, Anxiety) has launched the “Chefs with Issues” project, founded on an online survey for food professionals, to tackle this subject. Kat joins Jimmy and Andrew to talk about the project and the observations it has yielded to date, along with chefs Frank Crispo (of NYC’s Crispo and an industry veteran) and Jesse Schenker (of NYC’s Recette and The Gander), who wrote about his own struggles with many of these issues in his memoir All or Nothing. All that plus the week’s headlines.

The Grape Nation, Episode 10: Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine and Social Media Guru
Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine expert, entrepreneur, CEO of social media agency VaynerMedia, angel investor, venture capitalist, NY Times best selling author, and all around hustler, talks wine, social media, and how advertising and marketing have changed in a digital world. Gary also tells us his hottest wine trend, Barolo.

The Line, Episode 9: Chef Rawlston Williams of The Food Sermon
This week on The Line, host Eli Sussman is joined in the studio by Chef Rawlston Williams of The Food Sermon. Originally from the Caribbean island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Chef Rawlston Williams draws vibrant flavors and cooking techniques from an array of cultures. He launched The Food Sermon as a catering venture before expanding to a pint-sized corner restaurant in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, earning an extremely loyal fan base and expanding from there."
" The Main Course, Episode 267: Govinda Angulo of The Wolfpack
This week on The Main Course, Alexes and Phil are joined in the studio by Govinda Angulo, one of the subjects of the 2015 documentary film The Wolfpack. The film is about a family who homeschooled and raised their seven children in the confinement of their apartment in the Lower East Side of New York City. Locked away for fourteen years, the Angulo family’s seven children—six brothers named Mukunda, Narayana, Govinda, Bhagavan, Krisna (Glenn), and Jagadesh (Eddie), and their sister Visnu—learned about the world through watching films. They also re-enacted scenes from their favorite movies.

The Speakeasy, Episode 200: The Speakeasy's 200th Episode is Here!
Today on the Speakeasy, it’s episode number 200! Damon Boelte and Sother Teague talk Japan and the evolution of bar tools with Cocktail Kingdom’s Greg Boehm. But before that, we also hear from a special guest calling in to wish Damon the very best.

What Doesn't Kill You, Episode 196: Plate of the Union, Food Policy Change, and the 2016 Election
Join Dr. Ricardo Salvador, Food Policy Director for the Union of Concerned Scientists, as he parses out what food policy change means, where to start, and how politicians and consumers have responded to the Plate of the Union initiative.

The Morning After, Episode 184: Molly on the Range with Molly Yeh
This week on The Morning After, host Sari Kamin is joined in the studio by Molly Yeh, a food blogger who moved from Brooklyn to a farm on the North Dakota-Minnesota border, where her husband is a fifth-generation farmer. Like her award-winning blog My Name is Yeh, her new cookbook Molly on the Range chronicles her life through photos, more than 100 new recipes, and hilarious stories from life in the city and on the farm.

We Dig Plants, Episode 186: All the Presidents' Gardens
This week on We Dig Plants, hosts Alice Marcus Krieg and Carmen Devito are joined by Marta McDowell, a teacher of landscape history and horticulture at the New York Botanical Garden, and consultant for private clients and public gardens. Her garden writing has appeared in popular publications such as Woman’s Day, Fine Gardening and The New York Times. Marta’s book All the Presidents’ Gardens tells the untold history of the White House grounds. Starting with the seed-collecting, plant-obsessed George Washington and ending with Michelle Obama’s focus on edibles, this rich and compelling narrative reveals how the story of the garden is also the story of America. Readers learn about Lincoln’s goats, Ike’s putting green, the Kennedys’ iconic roses, Amy Carter’s tree house, and much more. They also learn the plants whose favor has come and gone over the years and the gardeners who have been responsible for it all.

Why Food?, Episode 1: Social Justice to Food Justice- Martha Hoover
In this episode we meet one of the most inspirational restaurateurs in the States. Largely unknown because she doesn’t operate in sexy markets like New York or LA, Martha Hoover is the CEO and founder of 11 restaurants and a charitable foundation. Formerly a public sector lawyer, Martha made the transition to food in ’89. With no restaurant experience, two young children, and a third on the way, she opened up Cafe Patachou. Over the past 25 years she has changed the restaurant landscape in Indianapolis – with community at the center of everything she does. Martha shares her simple steps to run a sustainable, efficient and collective restaurant group.