Betty Fussell

<h2>HRN Hall of Fame: Betty Fussell</h2>


Photo by Amy Dickerson

Nominated by: A Taste of the Past

Betty Fussell is an author of numerous articles and 12 books, ranging from biography, cookbooks, food history, and memoir. In her seminal work, The Story of Corn, she tells the important story of how the grain changed the way the world eats, and writes the histories of the indigenous peoples who first cultivated the grain and the European conquerors who appropriated and propagated it around the globe. Betty’s informed and opinionated voice rings true in all her work, as she does not shy from voicing what she feels is right and wrong with our food systems and practices. She was inducted into the James Beard “Who’s Who of American Food and Beverage” and Cookbook Hall of Fame.

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