Borders in April

HRN's April theme is about "borders"

HRN’s editorial theme for the month of April is Borders. Here’s what our artist Salu Binahtabor had to say about the idea:

“It is on the US-Mexico border, and regarding recent tension at the border, I wanted to make an art piece about how everyone is friendly and loving. The Mexico side is not desert; it’s a forest of beauty and the wall is covered in vines because that symbolizes how it is not in use and is old. After all, it’s not needed anymore and most of it is run down and gone. Everyone is allowed to move freely and peacefully between countries, learn and travel, make friends, and love freely. “Borders” really shows the division between people and the importance of breaking down barriers to create a more united world. The art piece aims to showcase the beauty of unity and cooperation, highlighting the potential for a future where borders are no longer necessary.”

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Background on this project:

As HRN deepens our commitment to food justice and expands our understanding of what that really means in practice, we are putting out the call for artists to adorn the HRN logo throughout 2024. Each month, we will feature the work of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ visual artists and graphic designers to explore and interpret our monthly editorial theme. Their work will be featured on HRN channels from our newsletter, website, social media, and beyond.

To apply, please send a brief, one-page cover letter and portfolio or work sample to with the subject line “Editorial Theme Graphic Design” + your name. If selected, you will receive $250 for each final illustration. HRN is accepting applications on a rolling basis.