Cheese’s Perfect Pairings

By: Rachael Markow

Whether you’re putting Gruyere on pizza, enjoying gouda with Cabernet Sauvignon, or snacking on cheddar and apples while reading a great book, there isn’t much that doesn’t pair well with cheese. This playlist features some favorite cheese pairings in honor of our partnership with Emmi USA. If you’re pairing with Gruyere, Emmentaler, Raceltte, or another Swiss-made cheese, you’re probably using Emmi cheeses imported from Switzerland. Emmi USA is dedicated to protecting the integrity and heritage of Swiss-made cheeses to ensure only the finest flavors and recipes come to you, your table, and your pairings.

This playlist is about all the good food, great beverages, and inspiring stories making cheese that much better. Listen as Anthony Falco talks about forging his way as an International Pizza Consultant, follow along with David Choi’s journey from retail to making wine, discover some curious food combinations, enjoy a kid-friendly episode that puts cheese in the spotlight, and more.

Thank you to Emmi USA for their support of these and many other episodes on HRN. Check out their selection of cheeses on their website and wherever their products are sold and pair it with your own delicious creations!


Pizza Quest S2 Episode 4: The Cheese Due: A Master-Class from Mark Todd, “The Dude:” Mark Todd lives hidden in the woods along the Russian River in western Sonoma County, where he ferments everything he can get his hands on. But, more importantly, he is also a consultant to many cheese companies and marketing boards because, quite simply, when it comes to cheese, he is The Dude. In this episode he tells us how he became The Dude, and also gives us a master class in the category of cheese called Pasta Filata, which includes mozzarella, This will be the first of an ongoing series of episodes with Mark, in his mission to turn us all into cheese experts.

Pizza Quest Episode 6: International Man of Pizza: Like Babe Ruth, Anthony Falco called his own shot and hit it out of the park. After an illustrious career at Roberta’s and other pizza palaces, he declared himself an “International Pizza Consultant” and guess what? The consulting opportunities began rolling in. Of course, he could actually walk the talk, so this was no empty boast and Anthony has been helping improve the quality of pizza across the planet ever since. Hear all about his journey and listen to one of his naturally-leavened pizza doughs in action in a fun show-and-tell segment. 

Meat and Three Episode 141: Beyond PB&J: The Culinary Couplings You Need To Know: Meat and Three takes a slightly different approach to Valentine’s Day. Instead of more stories about food and love, they delved into some culinary odd couples and paid tribute to some pairings that might be unfamiliar, like migas and rainy days. Hear about a book dedicated exclusively to food pairings and some Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world. Lastly we’ll hear from two friends who forged a bond through cooking on TikTok. 

Time for Lunch! Episode 15: Cheese!: How long have humans been eating cheese? Why does cheese taste better when you eat it with your fingers? Do happy cows make better tasting milk? On Time For Lunch, hosts Hannah and Harry are exploring the real star of the dairy family; cheese! Expert Liz Thorpe teaches us about the history of cheese (spoiler alert: cheese has been around for a long time) and mother-daughter duo, Heather and Maya Engwall teach us how to get creative with snack time. 

Let’s Talk About Food Episode 35: Liz Hauck Writes: Home Made: A book that could change your life. Home Made author Liz Hauck decided to follow-up on an idea she hatched with her father just before he passed away: she would show up and make and eat dinner with the boys who lived in the group home where he worked. She did just that. For three full years, Liz showed up every week with bags of groceries and made dinner with the teenagers who lived in the home. The book is so well-written and inspiring that none other than the Times book review gave this first time author a rave. 

The Grape Nation Episode 206: David Choi, Wine & TikTok: Born in LA, David Choi grew up in DC and eventually set roots again, literally, in California. David is proprietor at Magna Carta Cellars and Angel Falls Wines. He came through the ranks in wine retail, import and distribution before making wines. Savvy in social media, David found his way onto TikTok and has now become one of the early wine sensations on the platform with “Wine with David.”

Inside Julia’s Kitchen Episode 145: Meet Jamila Robinson: Host Todd Schulkin welcomes journalist Jamila Robinson, the Assistant Managing Editor for food at the Philadelphia Inquirer on Inside Julia’s Kitchen. They discuss what we can expect from restaurants and the food world in 2022 and her picks for the best food-related content, including podcasts, newsletters and cookbooks. As always on Inside Julia’s Kitchen, Jamila shares her Julia Moment.

A Taste of the Past Episode 370: Kitchen Whisperers with Dorothy Kalins: The cooking lessons that stick with us are rarely the ones we read in books or learn through blog posts or YouTube videos. They’re the ones we pick up as we spend time with good cooks in the kitchen. Dorothy Kalins, founding editor of Saveur magazine, calls the people who pass on their cooking wisdom her Kitchen Whisperers. Consciously or not, they help make us the cooks we are—and help show the way to the kind of cooks we have the potential to become. She has put her stories into a book, The Kitchen Whisperers, a beautifully written tribute to the people who teach us to cook and guide our hands in the kitchen.