Chef Emily's Bone Broth Recipe


Bone Broth

As promised, here’s how I made Allison’s First Broth. Not exactly a recipe, but a guide for you to try at home!


1. Collect up carrot peels, onion trimmings, leek tops, celery ends, parsley stems, etc for awhile in a gallon bag in the freezer. Nothing from the brassica family (like broccoli or brussels sprouts).

2. Identify the volume of your largest pot, then fill it 2” from the top with water. Measure that water in quarts and that will tell you your total volume. Recall that the bones will take up space so a 10 quart pot will not yield a full 10 quarts of stock because of displacement. (Science!)

3. Procure bones. I used hunted fowl, you can use chicken and/or turkey backs, beef, pork, lab, goat or sheep bones, or fish heads. Assume 2 pounds of bone per gallon (four quarts) of water.

4. Put all the bones and veg clippings into the pot first thing in the morning and cover by an inch or two with water. With a relatively high heat, bring to a simmer. Don’t let the water boil because that will result in a cloudy stock. Part of the magic of broth is how crystal clear and yet intensely flavorful it can be.

5. Keep the heat at a level that allows a bubble to break the surface every second or two. Do this for 8-12 hours.

6. To strain the stock, use tongs to remove the big chunks and toss them. Then pour the remaining liquid through a sieve, the finer the better.

7. Container up and label. Voila! Stock!

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