From Creative Consumption to Composting: Food Waste Playlist

When it comes to solving the issue of food waste, plenty of buzzy words are thrown around: composting, upcycling, even closed-loop manufacturing. Luckily, HRN has brought on plenty of experts to help break down why we throw out so much food, and solutions to offer our favorite staples a second life.

Eating Matters tackles food waste from an economical lens, whereas Time For Lunch suggests approachable, kid-friendly methods to reusing cafeteria scraps. Whether big or small, we can all do our part to cut down on our environmental footprint. To get you started, HRN picked out six episodes that offer a holistic introduction to the world of food waste.

By: Caroline Fox

Time For Lunch Episode 35: Compost!: Hannah and Harry are getting down and dirty in the smelly, but essential world of composting. We hear from Jayne Merner Senecal of Earthcare Farm who is an expert on turning kitchen scraps into gardening gold. The show’s new intern, shares her experience from middle school acting as the cafeteria compost monitor. Plus, we’ve got jokes, music, and a whole heap of fun facts.  

What Doesn’t Kill You Episode 339: Eating with the Ecosystem: Eating with the Ecosystem director Kate Masury joins to talk about encouraging chefs and  consumers to appreciate underutilized species of fish, improving the fishing  industry for fishermen, and adjusting for the impacts of climate change and ocean acidification.  

Meat and Three Episode 91: Creative Consumption, Bulk Buying, and Avoiding Food Waste: We’re exploring the creative strides being taken — both on the large-scale and individual-level — to avoid excess waste. Alicia Qian visits a driveway in San Jose, California that has become a hub for stocking up on vegetables and restoring community. Then, Tash Kimmell heads to Oakland, where a grocery store and cafe is using a circular economy model to promote sustainable shopping. In Brooklyn, Matan Dubnikov and Karina Peña-Andreatos explore how one restaurant created local partnerships to offset their food waste. And finally, we tune into a segment of Time for Lunch, to how to preserve vegetables with an easy pickling recipe. 

Cutting the Curd Episode 442: Upcycled Inspiration: A Conversation with Kyle Fiasconaro of brewers Crackers:
One day, while biking through Brooklyn, Kyle noticed spent grains from a local brewery being thrown out next to the adjacent bakery. From this moment, the beginnings of Brewers Crackers was born. We'll talk about his career in the food industry including in cheese, his growing concern with food waste, and lessons learned about launching a small food business. We'll also discuss food trends for 2021, including 'upcycled' ingredients.  

Eating Matters Episode 167: Upcycled Food: Host Jenna Liut interviews Turner Wyatt, Co-founder & CEO of the Upcycled Food Association, a nonprofit working to reduce food waste by growing the upcycled food economy. They discuss consumer demand upcycled products, UFA’s progress in creating an Upcycled Food Certification Standard, and of course, Brené Brown.

Meat and Three Episode 70: Waste Not, Want Not: Whether you’ve been stepping up your home gardening, relying on pantry staples, or ordering in during your quarantine - it’s a good time to consider the amount of food going in and out of our homes. For that reason, this week’s show is all about waste. From “quarantine cuisine,” to a Michelin-starred restaurant that’s doing more with less, to a Bushwick City Council campaign tightly linked to a local compost center – our stories this week focus on learning and seeking creative solutions to food waste pain points.

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