HRN Hall of Fame: Dana Cowin

Nominated by: HRN OFFICE

Image Credit, Lauren Salkeld

Dana Cowin is one of food media’s most trusted tastemakers. The former long-time Editor-in-Chief of Food & Wine magazine, is a talent scout, author, lecturer, and host of HRN’s Speaking Broadly. When she’s not sharing advice on restaurants, food trends and interviewing future role models, she devotes her to organizations she cherishes, including serving on the boards of City Harvest and Hot Bread Kitchen.

Appearances on HRN:

Speaking Broadly: Host 2017-Present
Meat + Three: Aspiration To Action – Recorded Live At Haven’S Kitchen
Heritage Radio Network On Tour: Toyama: Extraordinary Chefs In A Little-Known Town
Heritage Radio Network On Tour: Zen Soto Cooking At Japan’S Kasuisai Temple
Heritage Radio Network On Tour: Blowfish & Other Spring Delicacies In Southern Japan
Life’S A Banquet : “Cawfee Tawk” – The Coffee Episode W/ Very Special Guest Dana Cowin
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