Delicious Food Books to Add to Your Reading List

What better time to start compiling your summer reading list? And there’s no reason that reading can’t be delicious.

We teamed up with Hark to highlight some of the most exciting new books about what we eat. You can explore some of our favorite moments from author interviews with these short excerpts. Get a broad sense of what's out there or find something that piques your interest and listen to the entire episode.

We’ll hear from recipe developer and writer  J. Kenji López-Alt, comedian Eric Wareheim, and the food historian known as the soul food scholar Adrian Miller to pick up on home cooking tips, explore migration and global foodways, talk about climate change and beyond. You're sure to find something to satiate your hunger for reading!

J. Kenji López-Alt Teaches Wok Mastery

In his newest cookbook, The Wok: Recipes and Techniques, food columnist J. Kenji López-Alt shares the benefits of this versatile kitchen tool. He joins Inside Julia's Kitchen to share his story and to offer tips and tricks.

Connecting the Dots of Barbecue in "Black Smoke"

In Black Smoke, author and soul food scholar Adrian Miller follows – and proves – the African American roots of barbecue. Learn more on A Taste of the Past.

"Ripe Figs," Celebrating Food Without Borders

Food writer Yasmin Khan joins Speaking Broadly to discuss Ripe Figs, which draws from stories of migration, travel and identity to explore the food of the eastern Mediterranean.

Cooking From a Continent in "The Latin American Cookbook"

In his ambitious new book, The Latin American Cookbook, chef Virgilio Martinez gathers more than 600 recipes from across the continent, focusing on foods that are frequently overlooked – like potatoes. Get inspired by his interview on All in the Industry.

Dan Saladino: How Globalization Actually Limits Our Food Choices

Dan Saladino, author of Eating to Extinction, joins Dyed Green to discuss how our food system isn't as diverse as it seems, and what we lose in the quest to globalize and industrialize the food world. 

"Foodheim," Where Food and Comedy Unite

On Snacky Tunes get to know offbeat comedian and author of Foodheim, Eric Wareheim who explores his passion for food and wine, for non-millionaire home chefs.

Building an Agriculture-Friendly City in "Urban Farmers"

On Fields, you'll dive deep into Urban Farmers with journalist Mónica R. Goya and photographer Valery Rizzo who explore what farming looks like today in cities around the world.

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