That's a Wrap on Love Bites' "Endings" Series

The Endings Series

Why and how do we love?

That’s what we explore every week on Love Bites, talking with human beings who spend their single, dating, married, work, and play time moving through the world in the millions of ways humans can move.

Most of the time we like to think we’re moving towards something. We set a goal, or look for growth, or try to get closer and closer to the thing that we want but don’t yet have.

So how do our movements change when something gets taken away from us? What do we do when we lose that forward momentum? How do we mourn the loss, who do we look to for comfort, and how do we pick ourselves up to try again?

Those are the questions we brought to our six-week exploration of Endings. Talking through the intimate points of breakups, deadlines, and closings, our guests shared the thoughts, feelings, and actions that hurt them, and then helped them move up and on. And we dug onto our own such pivotal moments, gleaning wisdom for the future, too.

#1: Friendship During Tough Times
With the authors of The Optimists Guide to Divorce.

#2: The Point of No Return
Turning in a manuscript, with Author Jen Glantz.

#3: Breaking Up is Hard To Do
Writer and radio Host Sari Kamin talks through a really hard breakup.

#4: Breakups and Chronic Illness Part 1
Two anonymous listeners share how their illness contributed to their breakup.

#5: Breakups and Chronic Illness Part 2
A third story, plus Chronic Sex Chat’s Kirsten Shultz gives advice and Jacqueline answers some readers’ questions.

#6: When Your Restaurant Closes…
Chef Chris Jaekle walks us through the point-by- point experience.

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