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A Ride In The Country with Ben Towill

Episode: 16

On today’s Just Food Stories, Ali interviews Ben Towill, chef, owner of The Fat Radish and The East Pole, and food systems activist from England. Ben is planning to ride his bicycle across the country, 4,700 miles from Washington DC all the way to Seattle, Oregon. He is riding for the Just Food charity and working on their Youth Community Chefs program. To hear more about his trip and personal background, tune in to this week’s episode! And to learn more about Ben’s trip, visit A Ride In The Country. This program has been sponsored by Bonnie Plants. Today’s music provided by The California Honeydrops.

“I’m really interested in the young generation, the youth program of inspiring people through adventure and through something that’s quite extreme, to sort of capture people’s imagination to then engage them in this subject of food and realize that it can fuel you to do really cool things.” [28:30]

–Ben Towill on Just Food Stories

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