This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy is focusing on all things cider. On the show is Eleanor Leger from Eden Specialty Ciders in Newport, VT; David Thornton from James Creek Cider House in Moore County, NC; and Craig Cavallo and Dan Pucci, co-authors of “American Cider: A Modern Guide to a Historic Beverage.

To kick the show off, Dan and Craig tell the story of how they came together to create “American Cider.” With the book paying special attention to regions, Eleanor and David both explain how their regions play a role in cider making. Dan and Craig also highlight two very unique cider regions, Colorado and Arizona, and explain the two different untold histories of cider making that exist within the southeast. 

After the break, David defines the term “harvest-based cider” and reveals the influence North Carolina’s climate and land have on cider production. To wrap things up, Dan and Craig bust a couple of cider myths, and Craig declares “the sky's the limit” when it comes to the cider community.

Cider List:
Brut Nature: Eden Specialty Ciders

Craig Cavallo and Dan Pucci

Photo Courtesy of Craig Cavallo and Dan Pucci.

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