On today’s show we have the honor of welcoming chef, writer, TV personality, activist and lover of food, Andrew Zimmern. Andrew has spent his life in the food industry, and as we come to find out, it was the industry that ultimately helped to save his life. He candidly opens up about his struggle with drugs and alcohol, and how he managed to rise from the ashes after trying to drink himself to death as a young man. This conversation was so meaningful, as the current crisis that we are in has left so many in the food industry unemployed, unprotected and unaware of how to move forward. Andrew is wise and warm and deeply insightful, and we hope that his story can offer hope and guidance to folks out there who may be struggling. It was a gift to get to talk about the industry that we live so dearly with someone who cares so passionately about it. Please follow all of Andrew’s charitable endeavours over on his website www.AndrewZimmern.com. Thank you @chefaz for this beautiful and thought provoking chat❤️



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