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Animal Welfare Evolves

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White Oak Pastures of Bluffton Georgia is the only farm raising four Global Animal Partnership 5+ rated species, but it wasn’t always that way. White Oak overcame a period of heavy industrialization before become the model of sustainability and animal welfare it is today. The GAP’s 5-step animal welfare certification rewards farmers on similar journeys to good animal welfare at the different steps along the way.

By Emma Hammond

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Chicken History X


Chicken has become as ubiquitous in America as apple pie or baseball. Americans are now eating more of the beloved white meat than beef. In 1965, Americans were eating 33.7 pounds of chicken per capita. As of last year, that amount has more than doubled to 83.1 pounds per person.All that chicken from an industry that didn't exist 100 years ...

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Dark Meat vs Light Meat


Everyone has their preference. The differences in meat go far beyond the carving knife. A meat's color and flavor reflect its former life as a muscle.By Meradith Hoddinott

Chickens & Eggs with Ron Kean


Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This week on Sharp & Hot, Emily and Matt explore the bewildering issue, and invite chicken biologist Ron Kean to the show to provide some professional insight on some caller questions. This program has been sponsored by Le Creuset. Today's music provided by Takstar."Why would you hypnotize a ...
Lily Kesselman & Brook Park Chickens

Lily Kesselman & Brook Park Chickens


This week on Just Food Stories, hosts Jacquie Berger and Alison Cayne take a trip to the Bronx with Lily Kesselman, professional photographer and founder of Brook Park Chickens. With the help of Friends of Brook Park, Lily brought a chicken coop to the South Bronx- but the question is, "Why?" Tune into this episode to learn about food access ...
Fried & True

Fried & True


Who doesn't love fried chicken? One of America's premiere comfort food's has been undergoing a serious renaissance over the past few years - and today on Eat Your Words, guest host Briana Kurtz talks fried chicken with Lee Schrager and Adeena Sussman, co-authors of "Fried & True: More than 50 Recipes for America's Best Fried Chicken and ...

Eat the Whole Egg


Eat the whole egg! That's right - Erica Wides is on a crusade to break the "egg-white" brainwash that's taken over millions of people. Tune in to this week's episode of Let's Get Real and get the real scoop on nature's "most perfect food." How can there be egg foodiness? It's a lot easier than you think. This program was sponsored by Cain ...

Setting an Eggs-ample


In 2008, California voted for Prop 2 also known as the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act which outlines requirements for the living conditions of egg laying hens, and other animals. The law is set to go into effect in January 2015, but it is not without its share of controversies.By Briana Kurtz