Listen in as Katy Keiffer, host of HRN’s What Doesn’t Kill You, interviews journalist Greta Moran. Their conversation was inspired by a recent article Greta wrote for Civil Eats, titled “Questions Remain about Big Food’s Influence on the New Dietary Guidelines.” Greta argues that the most surprising thing about these new guidelines is how similar they are to the ones issued five years prior. Her takeaway is not what has changed, but what hasn’t, and she has some ideas about what should. Together, Katy and Greta take us through what these guidelines are, how they reverberate throughout our food system and culture, and the extent to which they’re swayed by corporate interest...which may be more widespread than you think. 

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Corporate Accountability’s Findings about Corporate Influence over the Dietary Guidelines

The New York Times: A Shadowy Industry Group Shapes Policy around the World

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