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Bees Part 2

Episode: 19

Bernie Wides & Carol A. Butler continue last week’s discussion on bees.

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On this episode of the Naturalist, Bernie Wides and Carol Butler are talking about a glowing natural phenomenon- bioluminesence! Tune in to hear how Bernie and Carol were inspired by the new exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History called Creatures of Light: Nature's Bioluminesence. Bernie and Carol discuss the many facets that ...

The Zoo Part 2


This week on The Naturalist, Bernie Wides & Carol Butler continue their conversation on zoos and animal conservation. On Part 2 of their zoo special, they explore some of the less than ideal zoos across the world, including roadside operations and Chinese sport zoos. Find out how Sea World both helps breed and entertain and how the ...

The Zoo Part 1


Bernie Wides and Carol Butler take listeners to the zoo this week on The Naturalist. Learn about the history of some of the most popular zoo's in the world including New York City's very own Bronx Zoo and Central Park zoo. Learn more about imprinting, remote feeding and wildlife rehabilitation. Hear about how war generals and others donated ...

The Galapagos Pt. II


The Naturalist continues with its second installment about host Carol Butler's recent trip to the Galapagos islands. This week it's all about the animals that inhabit this amazing environment. Tune in for an episode chock-full of blue-footed boobies, albatrosses, penguins and sea lions, oh my! Learn everything from bird mating rituals, how ...

The Galapagos Pt. 1


This week The Naturalist's own Carol Butler returns from a trip the Galapagos and brings back for Heritage Radio a wonderful 2-part program. On this first episode learn about the geology, formation, and history of these islands as first made famous by evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin. From mapping of the islands by Darwin on his trusty ...

On Evolution Pt. II


This week on The Naturalist, Bernie continues last weeks discussion on evolution and species formation with friend of the show Saul Scheinbach. Learn about new species being formed, including the Cackling goose and a new American cockroach right here in NYC. Find out about how species can now be identified by bar-codes and how migration ...

On Evolution


This week The Naturalist gets real about evolution. Did you know that on an international scale that the U.S. only stands above Turkey with only 40% of our entire population believing in evolution? With the help of friend and director of the Hudson River Audobon Society, Saul Scheinbach, host Bernie Wides shines a scientific light on why ...

NYC Water


This week The Naturalist takes you on a historical tour of New York City's water supply. From the early days in the 1700s when the city got its water from aqueducts from Croton and the Catskill mountains to today's modern high-tech testing and treatment system. Learn what makes New York water some of the cleanest and best in the nation and ...