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Bike vs. Car


The second round in the Bike vs. Car race series around NYC. David Laverdure of Roberta’s races his bike against Patrick Martins in a Honda from Union Square to Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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The History of Acme Smoked Fish

Tune in to hear the history of proud HRN supporters Acme Smoked Fish. Learn how they came to be such a long lasting NYC tradition, why their fish is the best in the biz, and how fish and smoking has been a part of the Acme Smoked Fish family's tradition for over 3 generations.

Tekserve E-Waste Event Recap

Dan Breindel interviews Christine Datz-Romero live from the Tekserve E-Waste Event on July 10th, 2010.

Eric Ripert Interview

Jack Inslee of HRN interviews celebrity chef Eric Ripert at Whole Foods Market.

Scott Stringer Interview

Patrick Martins & Katy Keiffer of The Main Course sit down with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.
Mo Frechette On Zingerman’s

Mo Frechette On Zingerman’s

Mo Frechette talks with Paul Saginaw about how he and Ari Weinzeg started Zingerman's, and what it takes to run a successful food business.
Eno: From Farm to Table In 9 Miles

Eno: From Farm to Table In 9 Miles

On this week's Heritage Radio Network Special: Named after the river that runes through Durham, North Carolina, Eno will offer a revolutionary twist on the farm-to-table movement. Here's the scoop:
Fat Canary

Fat Canary

Patrick Martins and Heather Hyman invite Thomas Power and David Lychee of The Fat Canary (in Colonial Williamsburg) to the studio.