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Caviar Connections

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Caviar Connections

N 5th Piers

This week on Catch It, Cook It, & Eat It Ben calls in from the field: the pier on North 5th st. in Williamsburg, where contestants in the Brooklyn Fishing Derby are feverishly digging buckets of frozen and fresh bunker to try and outdo the current champ. Learn the methods of these master fishermen, including how they handle bungees and ...
Caviar Connections

Live from Rockaway Beach

This week on Catch It, Cook It, & Eat It: a live broadcast from the Far Rockaways with Mr. Bait himself. Tune in for daring tales of yuppies stealing boats (and getting caught), squirming bait in buckets, and the secret to why fishing is not called "catching". This episode was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.
Caviar Connections

Ryan Roberts

This week on Catch It, Cook It, & Eat It! Ben speaks to Ryan Roberts, a sailor and an angler, about catching fish from a moving sailboat with no crew and an empty stomach. Ryan has been on multiple sailing adventures, and shares his stories and experiences catching his breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst floating on the open sea. Ben and Ryan ...
Caviar Connections

Kevin Glendhill

On this week's show, Ben is joined by Kevin Glendhill, the master craftsman behind The Greenpoint Tackle Company. The two discuss the art and sport of handmade lures over a bowl of chowder, and answer the age-old question, 'what's a tackle retailer to do in Brooklyn'. Brought to you by Whole Foods Market (wholefoodsmarket.com)

2nd Annual Brooklyn Fishing Derby Preview

This week on Catch It, Cook It, & Eat It! Ben speaks with contestants of the upcoming 2010 Fishing Derby who fared well in last years competition. The gang talk about how to improve the Derby this year, why NYC is worth a move across the pond specifically for the quality fishing, plus a dose of healthy smack talk (and a high-stakes pizza ...
Caviar Connections

Eric Ripert

This week on Catch It, Cook It, & Eat It, Ben heads to the secret back rooms of Le Bernardin to sit down with culinary/seafood genius Eric Ripert. Eric talks about everything from what he makes at home for his family to who comprises his restaurant family, and what kind of boss he thinks he is. Ben and Eric also go over how he keeps a ...
Caviar Connections

Martha’s Vineyard

This week's Catch It, Cook It, & Eat It saw Ben calling HRN studios with a live update from a journey on the ferry to Martha's Vineyard. It was a potpourri of whats to come in the world of Ben Sargent and CICI&EI. Ben recounts his recent experience judging Iron Chef America, the history of the Martha's Vineyard region (for better or worse), ...
Caviar Connections


This week on Catch It, Cook It, & Eat It!, Ben takes us on an educational, hands on, real time journey into the world of chowder. Ben makes whole batch of fresh chowder from scratch in real time inside HRN studios, taking listeners though each step and giving tips and hints along the way. He also goes into some fun historical chowder facts, ...